• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Killing of civilians, rape, kidnapping: Russians staged genocide of Ukrainians

The Russians want to exterminate the Ukrainians. Mass torture, abuse and killing of civilians, rape and kidnapping.


43 thoughts on “Killing of civilians, rape, kidnapping: Russians staged genocide of Ukrainians”
  1. Ukraine is itself very unprofessional.
    During war it is rule for the army to not to occupy or take shelter in hospitals or where affected civilians take refuge.
    The Ukranian army was stationing themselves among the civilian themselves in order to avoid attack or shelling.
    That is so pathetic. The Ukrainian army has to be blamed for it. They attack and then hide among the civilians expecting the Russians to not bomb them.

  2. See the head statement. Look at the american , chinese i can go on. They participate in this so morally whos right? The one with the biggest gun?

  3. Its funny how the righteous have everything cencored. It west only show the human killings of the the bad guys side. They never show you, oh hang on veitnam was filmed and the god bless america was raping murdering the populaus. Bad things happen on both sides, do not forget what a soldier is, he is a murder weapon ready to die for his just or false political cause. I hate all this but from the sound of the comments you people havent seen hardship at all. Murder happenes on either side it the victor that writes the bull

  4. RUSSIA DAMN YOU, I get on this and see Russian supporters keep saying “Russia Best country” those Russian supporters need to think of who they are supporting

  5. the world should be ashamed of themselves that parasites like the invaders are getting away with this. the russians have always been a problem all through history now is the time to to correct historical failures the russians have no place in society

  6. No reason for Tussians yo exist, co the same to every one of them and their family that supports or took part in this war, they sre not human

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