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Russians destroyed a Ukrainian train carrying up to 200 tons of ammo and struck a command post


May 11, 2023


40 thoughts on “Russians destroyed a Ukrainian train carrying up to 200 tons of ammo and struck a command post”
  1. America's proxy war with Russia using ukraine as cannon fodder is destroying ukraine.The US is pouring billions of our tax dollars into ukraine while here Social Security and medicare are going broke.

  2. On the morning of the Battle of Kursk, when the Wehrmacht were prepared to attack, the Red Army launched a massive artillery attack.
    It was probably the loudest "we are 100% ready for your big secret offensive" message ever.
    These attacks that have been decimating the UAF preparations for the great Zelensky offensive.
    Probably delaying it again.

  3. Yesterday the Russians. blew up more ammo depots yesterday in around Donbas !In a salt mine they discovered several boxes with weapons from the Soviet area .Numerous boxes with rifles and other different ammo and hand granates!

  4. To command post of Ucrain: Are all of you under training?!¿ into warfare? I'm replying to some American Intelligence saying that Ucrain wrv wolking over Romania în case of conflagration!? Listen you Ucrain General's including American Intelligence: This is from Romanian X, Commando, IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IS DISPERS DISPERSE, in combat, you better go home and have good time with you family, do not try to engage on any business autside you knowledge.

  5. It's a war isn't it . That's what Russia is supposed to do. Just like Ukraine blew up oil depot at main port in Ukraine. Happy then. You seem to so pleased with yourself. Just like a little boy trying to score points. Pathetic. Report on Russian war crimes for a change, mr smart arse.

  6. He never provides a corrective narrative nor does he use correct language. So he leaves you thinking it IS 'Russia v Ukraine'. All the Russian v All the Ukrainians.
    Which is not not. At all. Easiest way to think of it ia a Civil war with the badguy the bigger part, and urged by USA, and the good guys pleading with Russia for help, which they now have.
    Here is how I try to tell it:
    =======Don't let the way he talks make you think this is 'Russia v Ukraine' because it is NOT.
    When he says 'Russian' forces he really means ' Donbas Ukrainian AND Russian' forces.

    DONBAS Ukrainians and Russians.
    They fight together, side by side.
    The Russians helping the Donbas Ukrainians repel the invading Kiev Ukrainians.

    The Kiev Ukrainians (those are the ones the Americans call 'the Ukrainians' and the ones who are the invaders, the aggressors, the extremists and the Nazis, the Stefan Bandera (look him up) worshippers, have been occupying Donbas Ukrainian land since 2014.
    When he says 'Ukrainian' he just about always means only the Kiev Ukrainians. This is in line with the lying USA and Kiev narrative which wants you to think there are only two players: Ukraine and Russia. Everyone talks like this. It is a propaganda coup.

    No. There are three players:
    'North' Ukraine we might call it which is Kiev Ukraine and extremist Ukraine and 'nationalist' Ukraine which is sworn to building a 'pure' Ukrainian State after the style of the Nazis building a 'pure Aryan German state. The decided to do that by oppressing, re-educating, victimising the Southern, Donbas Ukrainians who traditionally have much Russian connection.

    'South' Ukraine we might call it which are the Donbas Ukrainians the North decided to 'ethnically cleanse' and exterminate for the crime of having Russian connections.

    And Russia.

    Three players. At the centre. And a host of malignant evil manipulators, leeches, provocateurs and profiteers on the side extending from USA to Kiev and encompassing the whole Western world.

    Now the Russians are helping the Donbas Ukrainians because someone should and we won't, we ignored them for eight years and longer and because of the Russian connection and because the whole thing is an attack on Russia anyway after the style of putting missiles in Cuba was an 'attack' on the USA and we know what they thought of it.

    So okay? 'Russian' means 'Donbas Ukrainians and Russian help'
    'Ukrainian' means Kiev Ukrainians and USA help and every pusillanimous stinking little lapdog of theirs.
    And the Donbas Ukrainians just don't figure in his narrative generally. But they should. Because that's what started it all.
    And the fact that the fighting is ALL on Donbas land that Kiev/USA has invaded generally doesn't figure either.
    The fact that there's not one Russian boot on Ukrainian land where it was not invited and welcomed generally doesn't get a mention either.

    Just saying. Because without forewarning listening/watching could give you the impression this is simply 'Ukraine' fighting off 'Russian' aggression.

    Which is what the evil empire wants you to think. And which is entirely what it is NOT.

    If you want to help Ukraine and Ukrainians help bring it to a STOP. Keep Ukrainians – on BOTH sides – ALIVE.

    Kiev and Washington want dead bodies. Let them fight each other. The world will be well rid of them.

  7. RT news. No! No! No! Get this right. RT is, was always, and still is a Brit intel operation. Clandestine is what they do best. It's posing as Russian propaganda. Go back to the very beginning. Before they did news. Years of beautiful films about Russian countryside, and cities, narrated by Brit accented voices. Like those "trusted authoritative BBC news anchors." They set this up to suck you all in before they went controlled alt-news/disinfo/gatekeeper/distraction mode. Point is to realize what this networks real perspective and slant comes from, and to always read between their lines.

  8. That's another hundreds of millions of dollars smoked

    USA and NATO are running low on all WEOPONS. Fact..

    Have a great night
    I seen the video for it on the Indonesian news .

    It was a beutiful sight

    And as always great video Emil

  9. This is a curious report,, 200 tons is 400000 pounds,, and a 53 foot dry van can carry 43-45,000 pounds,, So depending on the cargo,, we are talking about 9 semi trailers full of ordinance, supplies and or ammunition.

    1,000 rounds of 5.56 ammo is 27 pounds,

    I hand grenade is 2 pounds

    155mm artillery shell is 95 lbs.

    So 200 tons of only artillery shells would be 4210 artillery shells.

    400,000 pounds of 5.56 rounds would be 14,814,814 rounds of 5.56 ammo

    200 tons of hand grenades would be 200,000 hand grenades.

    Lets say the garrison being supplied had 10,000 troops,,

    Here is a hypothetical mock up of what was destroyed and what was the value of the items destroyed.

    10,000 troops could need 300 rounds of 5.56 ammo,, this would be 3,000,000 rounds and would weigh roughly 81k pounds,, this would cost roughly 1,650 million dollars.

    Lets say we want each of our 10,000 guys to have 4 hand grenades each,, this would weigh 80,000lbs and cost 1,000,000 dollars

    Lets say the remaining weight was 155mm artillery shells,, this would be 2515 shells and this weighs 239k pounds, and costs 1,257,500 $

    Assuming all of the value was destroyed in the raid,, the loss is right at 3,907,500$,,,,

    Mind you all these numbers and figures are fictional.

    And the gear in question is packaged to perhaps survive air attacks at maybe 15-25% usability after the rubble is dug through,

    So this loss is a problem,, and a serious loss,,, but in the big picture,, not a game changer,

    However; it does likely change the logistical picture in the immediate area in the short run,,

    If i was Ukrainian i would be concerned as much with the train as with the cargo if not more with the train.

    I would also be curious about how many like shipments are destroyed,, because while the monetary value isn't that great,,,

    If enough of these supplies are disrupted it will obviously hamper operations until the replacement supplies can arrive.

    By any standards, this is a large shipment to be disrupted.

    But when you consider a standard battle load of ammo for a us patrol is 150 rounds per soldier and you consider this is only 5 30 round loaded magazines,,

    The amount lost can clearly change how much ammunition can be consumed and fired,, this really can change the tactics used for defense or offensive operations.

    If these losses are regular,, this obviously complicates the situation and makes things much harder for Kiev,,

    If this isn't happening often then this is a temporary change to the current landscape.

  10. To put things in perspective, 200 tons would be around 4,000 x 155mm shells. Barely one day consumption of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. That's roughly a USD 14M expense at today's costs for 155mm ammunition.
    War is a huge waste of money and lives. I condemn all violences in Ukraine and seriously, like really, this war has to stop.

  11. Depleted Uranium ammunition will be first priority for Russia to destroy, preferably as it crosses Ukr border. You would not want to destroy Depleted Uranium stocks near your own border. So that certain regions will be enriched with this extreme poison and radiation, thanks to the UK warmongers.

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