• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Is Europe divided on the Ukraine war? Are fissures emerging within NATO? Which countries are still doing business with Moscow …


19 thoughts on “Gravitas Plus: Europe divided on Ukraine War”
  1. Soon everyone will have to draw a line in the sand for the 3rd world war Most of europe as you stay with the cunts in the New World Order Thats will be their downfall

  2. Literally, European countries are helping Russia more than Ukraine in this war. They are financing Russia by buying energy and rich minerals from them, at the same time giving Ukraine very few weapons.

    I don't understand what Ukraine is fighting for. If they think they are fighting for freedom, they already lost it to its so-called allies in the West to whom Ukraine owes $650bn payable by the end of 2024. I don't think so-called allies are going to forsake $650bn just like that. When the war will be over Ukraine will need huge, very huge amount of investment to restore the infrastructure.

    On the contrary, the economy of Russia is still in the same or better place. So here, you can conclude who won the war and who lost it.

    Never tickle a sleeping dragon.

  3. Joe Biden is a veteran navy pilot (a war-monger) and Trump is a businessman…so who do you think will make America Great Again….of course TRUMP in the man.

  4. Stop supporting the clown & comedian "leaders"…provide more aids & medicines to the Ukrainian people…NOT MORE WEAPONS. How stupid & foolish can these "leaders' be….

  5. Bull crap,thats the differance being free,freedom of choice,freedom of sheech.we r allowed to dissagree ,,no one is splitting,macron is just a little man trying to be importanf.and its russia who started the war by invading ukraine.russia has lost,putlers reign is all but done.glory to ukraine,glory to its heroes,glory toZELENSKY.

  6. Europe got what they deserve and asked for due to them backing america zelinsky and England proxy war with Russia now they want to call for sympathy from the world.
    Europe said they did not need Russian gas and oil not Russia now they are trying to blame Russia.
    Macron is an American puppet and will only do what America tells him to do.
    Go Russia keep fighting for your own rights your people and your country.
    Go brics get stronger and stronger.

  7. A very informative and, indeed, a wonderful presentation. Very logical, concise and to the point.
    This lady is the pride of this channel.

  8. The hypocracy of Europeans is legendary, shame is and double face is their second nature. They preach clean energy to the develping world and was outrage when china told them it will still use coal. yet these same europeans immediately turned to coal when rusia ukraine war started.

  9. Euro currency is tending to drop in exchange rate because of extreme dependance on USD. Due to unwarranted ban on imports of energy from Russiam European countries economy is sling down besides increase in cost of living. They deserve this due to wrong attitude to act as master of world economy. No country in the world cannot master a country with plenty of natural resources like Russia. Russia does not European countries, UK, US etc, But they all need Russia for their livelihood. Ot is over a year now the Russia Eukrane war startedm continues due to interference by countries above. All these countiris should change their mastering act, in turn will help their own countries. Not doing will isolate the currencies like GBP, Euro, USD etc

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