• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

With Russia launching mass strikes across Ukraine targeting key Ukrainian infrsatructre there is also an imminent threat of a …


25 thoughts on “Russia-Ukraine war: How Russia's glid bomb is changing course of the war | WION Fineprint”
  1. If Ukraine suddenly loses this war, more frozen conflicts and wars could erupt around the world. Our task is to help Ukraine win and weaken Russia as much as possible

  2. such Russian missile strikes on civilian objects in Ukraine remind us what price Ukraine pays for its independence and the calm of the whole of Europe, we must increase aid to Ukraine to stop the war started by Putin

  3. Our armaments greatly help Ukrainians to fight the occupiers, so we must not slow down the pace of deliveries. It will help Ukraine win and protect the world from Putin.

  4. I am glad to see that Ukraine is shooting down many more drones and missiles than before. With our support, they can close their skies completely. This alone will save people from Russian terrorists. Obviously, the Kremlin will not stop terrorizing civilians.

  5. The fact that the war has continued unabated for more than a year highlights the complexities involved in finding a resolution and raises doubts about Russia's willingness to seek a peaceful resolution

  6. Russia's failure to continue destroying infrastructure is a disconcerting indication of their flagrant disregard for humanitarian law and should be regarded as another war crime on their part

  7. Even at the height of the Vietnam War the U.S. was using backdoor communications to negotiate a ceasefire or treaty. Zelenskyy will fight to the last Ukrainian. No surprise, he's Russian, not even Ukrainian. Reminds me of Hitler using 12 year old Hitler Youth to fight the Russians in the ruins of Berlin in 1945.

  8. Typical Ukraine that nothing was hit more than civilian targets. Ukraine has no credibility left.

    After Ukraine and Russia first accepted the peace draft in the spring of 2022 but Ukraine rejected the draft peace draft after the visit of NATO and B. Johnson.

    After that, the Kiev regime murdered its peace negotiators. Then my sympathies ended because it indicates that Ukraine has Nazis in power. It also includes the fact that at least 300,000 Ukrainians were killed after that.

  9. Yeah it's time to give Ukraine F16 in order to counter those, it's much better to throw those bombs than using tanks. Also those bombs are quite cheap. I hope they are already training some pilots for F35, that's what they will be using in the next years.

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