• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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32 thoughts on “Russian and Ukrainian trenches are frozen”
  1. Man, both armies have people that would rather not be there taking a very real chance on dying and having to kill to survive. It's not fucking cool to wish it on one group and not the other. I hate this war cause it's very real and killing people on both sides. This war could have been avoided but Biden being the dipshit he is, bad advice was given to Ukraine not to talk to Russia. Ukraine can't join NATO since they don't have actual democratic elections. All that had to be done was say that Ukraine can't join NATO and Russia would have not invaded or pulled out after the 1st week when the offer of peace talks was given.

  2. ukraine has nearly lost. 600,000 troops lost. less than 23,000 russian troops lost. Ukraine has no artillery its down to 1000 shells a day of 155mm. across a 400 mile front. Vs Russia's 65,000 a day. Everything you see on TV is 100% propaganda.

  3. How can we let defenders have to choose between pneumonia/frostbite vs gaping hole in the chest? There has to be a practical method to prevent this from happening! Ukrainians are well-known to have very clever and inventive people that can come up with practical solutions! The challenge is to channel muddy water out to ground outside the trench that is lower than trench floor either because of sloping terrain or digging deep pits for water to drain into.

  4. They should get bunch of timber, and make a make walk way over the ice and maybe next time use an auger to drill some deep holes in the trenches to drain the water better.

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