• Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Ukraine's counteroffensive: A turning point in the war? | Ukraine latest

Ukraine’s southern military command said Monday that Kyiv had kicked off its much-anticipated counter-offensive to take back the …


23 thoughts on “Ukraine's counteroffensive: A turning point in the war? | Ukraine latest”
  1. No western news is reporting on Ukraine’s failed offensive. I guess western propagandists need time too respin it in a positive way somehow?

  2. why Russia has not took ukrain yet, Russia should the take new powerful army for these operations and i'm best in this case, i also have friends , ready to fight for Russia. Long live Russain

  3. tenths of thousands Ukrainian soldiers killed, Europe is getting ready for cold winter, inflation is going to hit US even more because $280B of Russian oil is now traded in other currencies. This madness is all because Joe wanted to keep his puppet sadam of Ukraine. Unkaine just needed a change in leadership to someone who wouldn’t murder people of Donbas

  4. Jesus taught: “You must love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:39) “Continue to love your enemies.”—Matthew 5:44-47.
    Can a religion claim to obey Jesus’ commands about love and at the same time encourage its adherents to kill others in war?

  5. I do not understand why DW insists on interviewing american "war experts". Twats in suits, whos most dangerously frightening and absolutely live challenging experience in live, is a frozen Excel sheet. are there none in Germany or the rest of the world???
    I understand that war is Americas main area of expertise. yet I am absolutely sick and tired to hear the American views on war in Europe!

  6. "Ukraine is raising an army capable of counter offensive.Ukraine is getting stronger at the moment " jeez, why would you have people like this as analyst. when you have people like this guy at the command center, i knew this counter offensive is bound to doom. Why would you not implement the the original war plans on inficticting heavy damages on Russian infantry trading little areas? Ukraine won't run out of ammo or land,it would run out of men.

  7. As much you want to glorify this counter offensive, this is bound to meet doom. Original idea of inflicting more damage and discourage the Russian infantry is much favoured and sound logically more acceptable

  8. Ukraine is far more superior technologically, I mean they had their own space station didn't they? I heard they have a 1 billion man army and 25 thousand nuclear missiles. This war should be over quite soon.

  9. Zelensky's "counteroffensive" was thwarted by the Russian army, turning it into a counter-retreat – destroying 1.5 AFU servicemen and mercenaries. And it is already impossible to hide it. And do not lie that the "Counteroffensive" of the APU is being prepared when it is destroyed!

    "The effective actions of the Russian group of troops destroyed 48 tanks, 46 infantry fighting vehicles, 37 other armored combat vehicles, 8 pickups with heavy machine guns and more than 1,200 Ukrainian servicemen during the day. As the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry clarified, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, while repelling the enemy's offensive, defeated the units of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine transferred to participate in the operation from western Ukraine."

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