• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

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34 thoughts on “Ukrainian D-20 Howitzer Covered With A Net”
  1. What is this "War" seriously? Just load up 50 commerical planes with tnt and crash them into the Kremlin when Putin is there. At least 2 will hit the target and end this shit in a day.

  2. This technique was pioneered way before the Ukrainian war more specifically in Rhodesia (modern day Zimbabwe) by South Africans in the bush war in 1964

  3. all Small thing what Ukraine do you say If or is very big people who believe you are so stupid If you now you don't talk about bakhmut because Ukraine lose there so don't help Ukraine to tell lies

  4. Soon trenches will be swarming with soldiers equipped with tennis rackets smacking and returning drones. A UN representative will be sitting in the middle shouting the score.

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