• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Visiting Ukraine… During the war | Geography Now Reaction – TEACHER PAUL REACTS

today I react to: So I went to Ukraine… During the war. To learn more about …


14 thoughts on “Visiting Ukraine… During the war | Geography Now Reaction – TEACHER PAUL REACTS”
  1. 27:50 if can't find some reason to lough you'll go insane. some people saying they don't letting themselves to cry or grief and they gonna drink as much as they can and let themselves grief after victory. also for many months people shift from expression "after war" to "after victory" because of realisation there no other way it's victory or death. (if somebody doesn't understand why – check what military crimes russians did in Hostomel', Bucha and Irpin'. and it was just 1 month. imaging what is going on in Mariupol, its been more then a year…)

  2. Yea, Bandera – mass murder and Hitler supporter. Real legend and heroe. Sorry- I support Ukraine but as polish person you know – Bandera is same murderer as Putin for me

  3. vyshyvanka is embroided clothing, shirt, from pagan slavic times, with all symbols can to have meaning, unique to every regions even from to village can be different
    girls from 10-11 years start to embroid alot of vyshyvankas to take that for their own home after wedding, from poor families girl has 10 vyshyvankas from rich families alot more

  4. things about pronunciation of cities – russians remove all names to russian versions and at international maps etc etc, Kyiv changed to Kiev, Lviv to Lvov, Kharkiv to Kharkov, Odesa to Odessa

  5. and let this peppy guy, for the sake of completeness, find the courage to cross the border and ask what people there think about this great country with a rich culture and great experience in the extermination of civilians

  6. We Ukrainians call this conflict the 428th day of 9th year war that lasts for 4 centuries already.

    Myself I knew the difference of how sounds engines of cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. Heard a lot of missiles flyed over my apartment house. And in a first hour of full scale invasion I experienced barraging flyby of Russian fighter bomber with red stars on wings it was flying over the road about 30-40m high with blue flame out of it's two engines, and a moment after a first trolleybus on a route drives on very high speed (didn't know that trolleybuses manage to move so fast), pretty sure the trolleybus driver was frightened as well as I was at the moment that jet flyed over him. That was the last time I frightened, even when a missile hit a house few street blocks away, and I experienced the most powerful earthquake in my life didn't frightened. Anyway something changed.

    Ah and on the beginning of journey in Ukraine the ware a crow's nests, they love to build nests next to roads

  7. Так противно даже писать ничего не хотела … посмотрите что они сейчас с православными храмами сделали!!!! И с людьми православными!!! Нацисты и сатанисты!!!
    Посмотрите, что они с Донбасом сделали! Перечислять сил нет!
    Будьте объективными , откроете свои глаза! Послушайте их идеологию! Самое важное для них уничтожить русских! Во всех проявлениях, даже если эти русские -это жители Украины ! Это нацизм чистой воды !

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