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11 months of war. Ukraine is still stand and will


May 13, 2023 , ,

It is 11 months in a row when every Ukrainian understands that this may be the last day of life. Putin is scared of being humiliated.


32 thoughts on “11 months of war. Ukraine is still stand and will”
  1. Грустно видеть Украину разрушенной, опустошенной, умирающих людей… и вас, русский народ, поддерживающих Путина в этой войне. Гитлер также пользовался поддержкой немецкого народа в убийстве евреев. Мир не забудет.

  2. Российские солдаты, вам должно быть стыдно за вторжение в такую ​​страну, как Украина. А Путина надо отстранить от власти за то, что он говорил об использовании ядерной бомбы против Украины… страны, в которую он приказал вторгнуться.

  3. Ukraine has chosen democracy and so will its neighbour Russia, one day. From being slaves under Tsars to communists and then citizens with dictators, Russians now aspire to freedom. Will Putin be the last one?

  4. Puto Putler , Lavrov, Peskov, Kadyrov and the rest of those jerkoffs are dead clowns walking . About 50 years ago another Russian bozo warned the world while banging his shoe on his desk : " we will bury you " Nikita Krushchev declared . The Russkis blinked ,backed down and removed their nuclear threat from Cuba in October 1962 when Putler was 10 years old. Bluster , bombastic bullying and nuclear threats is the modus operandi of these bastards. Plus ça change plus c'est la même chose. Puto Putler is an Armani suit and tie masquerading as a human being. As William Browder correctly stated : " Puto Putler can't back out so the only option is to destroy him "

  5. Ukraine you just hang in there
    You have already won the war for all of us . the dictator
    Russian is nothing but propaganda including his own people just the matter of time before it collapses .

  6. Also Putin's life is limited, so he will surely die the most miserably lonely death, like the way he has lived a miserably lonely life.

  7. How easy it would have been for Putin over all these years to create a fabulous, wealthy, beautiful Russia but instead he strong-armed everyone,
    stole all their money, gave his friends 4:31 opportunities and wealth, then took it all away, leaving a cold, ugly sad place that nobody truly wants to live in. Forgot sakes, most of them have never seen a toilet.

  8. If you recite the following prayer 1000 times, you will be able to beat Russia by the permission of Allah (all glory and praise be to Him).

    "O Allah, send upon our master Muhammad a prayer through which You deliver us from all terrors and tribulations; and through which You fulfil for us every need; and through which You purify us from every sin; and through which You raise us to the loftiest of degrees in Your Presence; and through which You cause us to reach the furthest limit, in all forms of goodness, in this life and after death."

  9. Take care Henry and all of the UATV staff. We appreciate all of your hard work and need your excellent reporting for English speakers. You are our heroes!

  10. You guys definitely have to try to reach out to Robert Kraft. Or play a rerun of the original news stories of Putin stealing his Super Bowl ring when they met in 2005.

  11. But at what cost more people will die for land they dont own. More people around the world have to deal with inflation because they expect billions in aid funding. And not to mention the other issues we all deal with because they continue to fight and drag us with them almost starting a war on multiple fronts with nuclear weapons like where does it end honestly it's going to be WW3 here soon all because Ukraine! I will not sopport their fight or them what so ever'

  12. Hannibal of Carthage and Adolf Hitler and Emperor Nero all committed suicide. That would probably that would be the most noble thing for Putin to do for his beloved Russia at this time.

  13. The more Putin keeps planning his mobilizations will only show the world and the Russian people, that stacks of hundreds of thousands of Russian corpses would be worth the price of Putin's invasion of Ukraine, being that Putin will walk away with nothing from Ukraine or the International community in disgrace.

  14. A major rumor in Ukraine Min of Internal Affairs !

    Ukrainian Monastyrsky, along with his deputy Yenin and Secretary of State of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yuri Lubkoyych dying in helicopter crush.?

    Leak has come out from inside Internal Affairs circle that these individuals were pushing for a compromise or settlement with Russia, at least open talks before the coming Russian offensive.

    Some in Ministry of Internal Affairs are suspicious and doubtful any mechanical or human error occurred and are pointing to sabotage by internal forces.

    Could this be act of sabotage by SBU or other western elements ?

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