• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Analyzing Russia's Massive Failures in War Against Ukraine


May 13, 2023

1 year into the war with Ukraine and Russia has already made some of the most catastrophic mistakes that have allowed the …


20 thoughts on “Analyzing Russia's Massive Failures in War Against Ukraine”
  1. 17:27 "Babushka" means grandmother. Corrupt logisticas officers spoil their grannies?
    You probably mean devushka or, even better, shlyukha. "i" instead of "a" on the end for the plural

  2. After watching this war for over a year now, only one thing surprises me. How has Putin not fallen out of a window into a 30 story elevator shaft full of bullets?

  3. How come the dictators are nearly all little men who think they are military geniuses ? Maybe there should be a recognised filtering system to stop them waging useless wars and suffering ?

  4. A corruption of that level and the majority of yes men is the underlying reason for all this
    It rots through the system, slowly at first but increasingly exponentially

    Without NO-MEN, YES-MEN are too ignorant to accept any defeat and they will never recover from that

    It looks like 2 teams are playing but one of them is just playing casually the other one serious, the major difference is that the cost is life

  5. Babushkas and vodka? Doesn't Babushka mean grandmother? Or in certain non russian part of the world the kind of headscarf that grandmothers wear? My russian is terrible so I'm probably wrong so please take it as a honest question, was that what he really meant by "spending money on babushkas and vodka" around 17:25?

  6. Russia sent recon officers and units into ukraine without maps….. i mean seriously… may as well have just shot 150,000 men in russia and saved the energy

  7. I am really quite impressed with the load of data you're presenting. The big hole in that load is the correct spelling. Try TIRES, not TIERS. When you declare that a ship has a "triple level" defense, try using TRIPLE, not TRIPE. And I'm only halfway through the video.

  8. I actually feel sorry for those Russian Engineers. I personally know what it's like to use a mine detector in a hazardous location. Beyond the worst case scenario happened to them. No one understands the value in an Army Engineer until you need one. Like, say, the bridge crewmembers.

  9. 3:29 The whole "supplies for three days" thing is so much worse when you think about it.

    Best case scenario: Russia has 80-90% support in Ukraine, Kyiv rolls over and welcomes its glorious Russian owners.

    You still need to pacify the remaining 10-20% of the country. That's still millions of people who might be running an active insurgency against you.

    Bringing enough ammo for three days doesn't just imply Russia wasn't expecting a short, conventional fight; it wasn't expecting *anyone to fight at all*.

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