• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

In a tense exchange with the Russian ambassador, Ukraine’s representative to the United Nations has told the security council …


30 thoughts on “Tense exchanges between Ukraine and Russia at UN security council”
  1. The International Community felt that Zelenskyy should also be charged for alleged war claims as well, the IC felt that Zelenskyy declared that "he must win the war" hence be it via high levels meeting or negotiations would wasting time and afford. Zelenskyy (sounded like Zelensk why why) satify his egoisic self, this demonstrated that meeting he valued his egoistic self.

  2. Shameful and Embarrassing that a Terrorist state with a President that is a War Criminals is Allowed to Chair the UN Security council!!! Member states must boycott!!!

  3. Well, it's a war now Lavrov. Just took Russia 12 months to understand it. Then again, you were always a bit behind, living in the 1950, mentally but also your military as we now see.

  4. A special military operation against the junta in Kiev, that is why we are bombing all the civilian cities all over Ukraine, raping the women and killing the civilian men. Russia is committing war crimes. no doubt.

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