• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Ukrainian forces fired Howitzer destroyed 15 Russian base from 12 miles away. The Ukrainian artillerymen fired NATO-supplied …


38 thoughts on “Massive Attack!!! Ukrainian forces fired Howitzer destroyed 15 Russian base from 12 miles away”
  1. Como decimos en MÉXICO…. LA CRIADA LE SALIÓ RESPONDONA A LOS INVASORES RUSOS, Con la población civil si estan buenos bombardeando ciudades que no son blancos militares., PERO CON EL EJÉRCITO UCRANIANO NO LA VEN LLEGAR.-

  2. We all know that the billions sent to Ukraine go largely to offshore accounts owned by Democratic Elites, senior CIA officers, and bosses of American arms manufacturers. This 'war' has been turned by the US into a massive diversion of funds from the pockets of American taxpayers to the coffers of the Elites.

  3. Oh LORD Bless all the soldiers from uk on the neme of your son and the holly spirit please LORD protec the heroes from uk ypu can do it oh LORD safe theirs live's poor that people from uk my LORD they have been saffer8ng from that dictator destroy he's Arms because what does he's doing isn't right my precios LORD send your Angels to fight with the enemy of uk my heart is broken to see that war judt for the abision of the Land and you know LORD the world isn't bellow to any one because the world is bellow to you destroy the enemy of uk poor that poor people my LORD they don't have eletric power just that evil who destroy their eletric power make to pay for it my prec8os judge and the name of your precios son and holly spirit oh my LORD give peace to that people they might need food blankets oh my LORD just you can help them and Bless all the soldiers protect them and the name of jesus crist AMEN ?

  4. 100% fake, absolutely no mainstream news network mentions this (15 bases destroyed? talk about hallucinations). Here's what I guess what happened. You took some drugs, then you couldn't sleep , you got up from bed and fell on the floor and hit the head. 2 days later you were so mixed up you think this attack occurred, but only in your mind. Also you took some footage from the internet and you got convinced this footage is from said occurrence.

  5. These aren't NATO weapons. This video keeps saying they are. The weapons are from Various countries which may or may not be members of NATO. We need to keep that in mind, because it's Russian propaganda that Ukraine is using NATO weapons. They are not using NATO weapons. This whole video might be Russian Propaganda.

  6. Are the Russian soldiers proud to die for the multi billionaire Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin friends who wants to expand the Russian land area to become even richer?

  7. How can the Ukrainian liberting forces have out firepower the Russian invading forcess when comes to Artillery piece superior because US amd NATO have supplied Ukraine dozen artillery shell abd while the Russian side suffered running low of Artillery shell because numbers of Ammunition depot have been hit by the US HIMARS M142 MLRS supplied to Ukraine . Pres Putin of Russia seeking assistance to North Korea for additional supply of artillery shell . But Pres Kim Jong Un of North Korea denied these

  8. The US News Channels suck. Its like they have no clue what is happening on the front lines every day. They want to scare people that Putin might use Nukes when Norway can wipe Russia out in 30 minutes.

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