• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

The Russian army continues its offensive on the eastern front regardless of bad weather conditions. Continuing with artillery …


20 thoughts on “Putin has led the Russians to Disaster! Russian Supply Lines Destroyed by Ukraine!”
  1. RUSSIANS are going to take bakhmut.. like they have been taking land every day . and the Ukraine's are not doing counter attacks, they are just trying to defend and are getting pushed back every day

  2. J'aimerais beaucoup que l'armée Ukrainienne ait une stratégie de surprise éclair pour ces salauds de Wagner et les soudards de l'armée Russe.! Vive le peuple Ukrainien et hommage aux courageux soldats!

  3. Bakhmut has turned into a killing ground. Russia / Wagner seem determined to take the remains of the city but are suffering appalling losses. Meanwhile, Ukraine is quite happy to slaughter Russians as they continue their attacks.
    At present it seems the situation in Bakhmut is becoming untenable for the Ukrainians and I would expect them to try to retreat over the next few days. However, they seem to be quite confident in their defense lines at present and willing to hang on so they can inflict even more casualties on the Russians.
    As to what will happen, I do not know and I think no one does. Not even the Ukrainian or Russian commanders. I hope the Ukrainian command is watching Bakhmut closely and manage to issue the withdrawal order before it is too late. I doubt the Russians, given their commitment to taking Bakhmut, will stop their offensive.
    I am fairly certain that if Bakhmut falls it will achieve very little for the Russians. The frontlines will move northeast a few miles and we will then see more Russian attacks against new stubborn Ukrainian defenses.
    Back in the summer of 2022 the Russians were fighting on the original front lines that had been established since 2014. A major breakthough happened at Popasna and led to the slow advance towards Bakhmut. In 8 months or so the Russians have advanced about 30Km.

    The bottom line is, artillery and massed infantry assaults with limited mobile units cannot achieve anything other than a slow crawling advance. This worked well for the Russians in WW2 and in their battles in the limited geography of Georgia and Chechnya but Ukraine just has too much territory for anything other than a major mobile thrust or blitzkrieg to achieve any major military advantage.

  4. We need to understand that being at the top of the pyramid of creation means that everything we do trickles down the structure, from top to bottom. When it reaches the bottom, the inanimate level of reality, from which everything grows, it changes it. If we ooze ill-will, it creates negative changes throughout the system, which manifest in increasingly extreme climatic and geological events.
    In other words, when human relationships go out of balance, everything goes out of balance. When our relations become extreme, everything becomes extreme; when we become violent, everything becomes violent. Each summer, the ramifications of the linkage between our relations and our world become more extreme, until we acknowledge that everything that exists, exists in a connected, hierarchical system and that whoever is at the top determines the state of the rest of the system.
    It is not as if previously, we were better people than we are today. It is simply that there were fewer people, and therefore fewer elements that exude ill will.
    Also, relationships between people in the past were less toxic than they are today. While there are fewer wars today than ever, the levels of suspicion and alienation between people are skyrocketing, to the point where people can no longer trust their own family members. As a result, wars between countries are rarer than ever, but divorce rates, domestic violence, and violence in the community, are at an all-time high.
    Even the internet, which we invented purportedly in order to connect people, is being used to abuse, deceive, and exploit people. The world-wide-web proves that everything we create, we use against others. When there is such a negative element in a system, and that element is at the top of the system, how can the entire system not go awry?
    Therefore, if we want the weather to cool, the sea-level to drop, and the storms to subside, we must cool the fire and calm the storms between us. Mutual concern, mutual responsibility, or at least the knowledge that we are dependent on each other, are necessary in order to restore balance in our world at all levels, from the ground we walk on to the hatred in our hearts.

  5. Este hombre que no debe ser nombrado su egocentrismo le hace delirar en que quedará en la historia hay que quitarle el rostro es un enfermo que desea ser mirado su personificación debería ser la cara d un animal a criterio de quien la elija quedará como el BARBARO de la historia

  6. bakmut is a russian death camp. To bad Jason voorheese (ukraine version) is the head councilor running it. fields of dead russians are everywhere there

  7. I told you to prepare yourself nothing stops them if we have them you fool we do not fail. End the war and have talks or die. This warrior once engaged on anyone, anything, no mercy, we try that first, warnings, time to think about it, chances, then after that you are in trouble.
    Archangel Michael

  8. Slava Aliens. The end of the world has begun. Get ready doomsday is coming. It's written in the old testament and the book of Enoch. The prophecies said. Man will never become God. Nostradamus, fatima, einstein, white Buffalo and other prophecies also said. The end of the world has begun as in greek mythology the gods will turn against man. Sorry algorithm system. Whoever steals the power of the gods will suffer the consequences on earth.

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