• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Russian Heavy Battleships Attack Stopped by Anti-Tank Missiles. Subscribe here – If you like the video, …


37 thoughts on “Ukraine Artillery Units Destroyed 3 Russian Heavy Battleships | Milsim ArmA 3 S11”
  1. Surrender to Russian army, US aided Ukraine. Ukrainians in Ukraine is a loser and Losers cannot be choosers. Have guts to quickly evacuate, escape. Not to fight,right. Go evacuate now. Why kill when ukrainian refugees can work in other countries.
    Losing land or the whole world for life is not right. Life is above everything, worlds and words.
    Who knows what everybody's lives have store for them. Your kids won't be there when you won't be there.
    Losing land not life is not right.
    Wastage of life and lifetime over land is not right.
    Go save refugees in other countries.
    Patriotism is towards citizens, people first and land, cites afterwards.
    Anybody saving lives is more patriotic than bourgeois life losers for land. Land saved can be reattacked and retaken. Life is priority.
    Winning is lifesaving.
    Killing is not winning, saving, evacuating lives is winning.
    Land is baggage, leave.
    Land is stage trap, love is not.
    Loved ones can be free, Ukrainian's relocate elsewhere and live happily.
    Sorry, you aren't right.

  2. Будем надеяться, что этот конфликт скоро закончится, и люди снова смогут дышать свежим воздухом

  3. Ya desaparecio la union sobietica y a hora el cornudo de putin quiere que desaparesca rusia eso quiere para su pueblo animo rusos actuar y eliminar el cornudo

  4. Ukraine doesnt have the will or the nuts to actually fight Russia…thats why they run to the U.S. for help and guns and money…Nato is a joke and should be disbanded and tried for war crimes for violating the Warsaw pact!!!

  5. will these GAME PLAYERS please go away and play scrabble or play tiddly winks somewhere else. These are NOT anything but online GAME depictions of alleged battles.
    Stop WASTING TIME posting online games that are only VIRTUAL. It is disrespectful towards REAL people in UKRAINE fighting REAL OPPRESSION and REAL GENOCIDE by the unlawful WAR CRIMINALS from Russia who unlawfully INVADED Ukraine to rob, rape, torture, oppress and inflict GENOCIDE on the POPULATION of UKRAINE by the NAZI WAR CRIMINAL president Putin in Russia

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