• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Ukraine War: Why has Russia increased attacks in the east?

A new intelligence update from the UK Ministry of Defence says that Russia is likely to have increased its armoured assaults …


32 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Why has Russia increased attacks in the east?”
  1. As always our “expert” analyst talks about everything but what’s really happening on the ground and what the leaked documents actually exposed. The rest of the world is fully aware of the realities in Ukraine.

  2. Belarus is playing something here…Clearly they are not afraid of being attacked by NATO or Ukriane, they actually afraid of being attacked by Russia itself. If Belarus in their luck, persuades Putin to give them the control over the nuclear weapon deployed in their land, then this is the biggest guarranty that no one, including Russia want to invade them.

  3. How is it interesting move to give bonuses to destroy tanks. What profession military use prisoners and gives bonuses for destroying tanks. The Russian are like a horrible game show host offering bonuses points for money. These soldiers will not live to receive any money and Puttin knows that.

  4. Why don't they mention that Ukraine's Volunteer Battalions just attacked Marinka on June 3rd, 2015, COMPLETELY VIOLATING the MINSK II Ceasefire Accords (I have full footage from Separatist Perspective showing them defending the oncoming Ukrainian attack, which again, came after the Ceasefire was signed in February 2015).. This was the FIRST of SEVEN area's to be captured by Azov / Aidar / Right Sector Battalions (in 2016 they became the National Guard of Ukraine) – and from 2016 – would go on to capture 6 more territories (such as Shyrokine near Mariupol) and Zolote near LPR.

  5. Great piece of propaganda by the West. Sadly Ukraine is over and destroyed. It was always going to be the case. If only Ukraine had stuck to the MINSK agreement. Ukraine could have been a very rich country. Now they have to rely on the West to rebuild what part of Ukraine the Russians allow them to keep.

  6. This well-paid idiot propagandist has got it all wrong. One interesting item of information in the released documents was mortalities on both sides. This exposed the lies from the "collective" west. The more they lie, the more the truth becomes apparent. Keep it up Sky News, state-sponsored BBC and others!

  7. Errr I think the western side needs to accept the new world powers Russia and China and start a peace agreement than cause a world war 3

  8. Russia is pressing forward its advantage naturally enough. Since the beginning of the SMO Russia has taken an incrementalist approach always hoping that the regime in Kiev will finally deliver on its Minsk promises. However, the western powers don't want that and have engineered this bloodbath with only THEIR particular goals in mind, not those of anyone in Ukraine.

  9. Now they've been fighting for 9 years and no progress. Three weeks ago the Ukrainians were mounting an offensive. Oops! Leaks from the Pentagon, no more arms. Shawn Bell,
    a real tool.

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