• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

A Russian soldier killed two ukrainian men in a trench who refused to lay down their arms

Battle near Svatovo. A brave Russian soldier destroys two Ukrainians who refused to surrender during the battle. Russian soldier …


17 thoughts on “A Russian soldier killed two ukrainian men in a trench who refused to lay down their arms”
  1. Watch closely the younger soldier to the left. Watch his hands trying to reach his gun. At 0:38 that was the moment the camera soldier had no choice but to shoot

  2. Я снова и снова пересматриваю это видео больше не смотрю,а слушаю.я слышу как говорит русский солдат,как дышит.человек вынуждено становится убийцей защищаясь и защищая свой русский народ,он стал на защиту ПОСЛЕ ТОГО КАК УКРАИНСКОЕ ПРАВИТЕЛЬСТВО ДАЛО ДОБРО УБИВАТЬ СВОЙ УКРАИНСКИЙ НАРОД НА ДОНБАССЕ.блага правителям стран,голодных к деньгам,своим постам и креслам,народ стравливают,отправляют на войну убивать друг друга и самое жуткое убивать стариков и детей.ненасытная марионетка и манипуляторзеленский и его спонсор байден хуевертят всем миром.

  3. Updated data has appeared on a video showing two people being killed in a Ukrainian Pixel shouting "We are our own., We are our own.". Our version, which we distributed earlier, that the video disguised wagnerists was correct, but 50%, because we thought that the disguised wagnerists were eliminated by Ukrainian defenders. In fact, it was another Russian unit that was coming from the rear from the second line to attack and they were not informed about the wagnerists disguised in front. That is why, when they saw the Russians, they shouted "We are our own.". After the battle, when the Russians figured out that they had eliminated the Wagners, they decided to use the video as an ICAO, allegedly the Ukrainians themselves killed each other.

  4. Russian guy tried everything to save treir lives but thise guys were out from granade and fear unfortunatly. RIP from all men who lost their lives in this war, dont forget that apart from Wagner group, 90% of Russian soldiers are conscripts taken from their homes and deployed in this fckg death fields. There is no choise to leave unless you want to be executed… seems like everyone forget about this

  5. they never really took up the weapon…they were probably shocked by the grenade that exploded nearby, maybe if you gave them 30 seconds more it would end differently. but it's war and the Russian soldier has already risked too much to give him the chance to surrender, someone else would have shot immediately. war sucks. RIP to all the young dead…wherever they come from.

  6. To the person who left the description on this video you are either a scumbag or in idiot what have I seen this Russian soldiers saw shoot one unarmed Soldier and one unable to fight back you are lowlife of a human being calling that Russian Soldier Brave he murdered two men In Cold Blood and in the comments who supported this you're the biggest lowlife you think the accident what this Soldier did is Justified no it doesn't it. This man is a coward Slava Ukraine

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