• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukraine War: What do we know about Russia's latest attacks?

Former Senior Military Intelligence and Security Officer, Philip Ingram, gives his analysis of Russia’s latest missile attacks in …


29 thoughts on “Ukraine War: What do we know about Russia's latest attacks?”
  1. During World War Two the German 6th. army never got any closer to Moscow than 40 miles. In 2022 Putin's army got within 10 miles of Kiyev. If Putin is 4 times smarter than Hitler why has he lost the war?

  2. just as what happened in Pooland, where two civilians were killed by a deliberately fired Ukrainian Air "Defence" missile, the same has occurred Zaporozhye … this was undoubtedly a UKRAINIAN missile, as also confirmed by a Presidential Adviser to the vile *elenskiy Regime …who of course was ordered to resign on the Spot for not following the Newspeak Zombie Propaganda Programme …. go figure Blad.

  3. It seems like Ivan is getting a little better at this war and Ukraine stahling due to the relentless destruction and heavy targeted Power grid w missile hits and other more valuable targets being reached now , developing into a very crucial part of the war , I can now c why the Tanks and Air defense systems are being demanded ,

  4. If the rest of the world had stayed out of this, it would have been over and many of the dead would still be alive. Negotiations could have ended it all, long before now. Nothing is worth all the lives to be lost on either side. It's barbaric.

  5. One Ukraine man left for ten virgin Ukraine women. Please do compromise and peace and do not listen to Zelensky and Joe Biden. Europe brothels ae not for Ukraine women that Hunter Biden wants and USA wants. Save families, by sending arms do not make Ukraine man-less country. Send peace.

  6. Typical Germany shitting out from giving Ukraine tanks no doubt Germany is still doing deals with Russia through the back door, also they are also the last country out of all others countries to help Ukraine, Germany hasn't forgotten about losing the war because still in their heads they want to rule like putin, chancellor of Germany and putin got the same brains, I hope Ukraine doesn't forget this when Ukraine are victorious.

  7. Lol ukraine admit it WAS there anti missile that blew up the apartment block
    Sky report real news please !!!@ cos usa really trying to start ww111 watch this space ..poland POLAND yes will join in then russia have promised putin will take out london first in 1.20 minutes with a supernuke and then uk is flattened please wake up uk this is the total opposite skynews reports are b.s ing us with b.s generals talking crap ukraiine is already smashed no men no clue acoke caine addict in charge under Usa cia…. facts look at all wars usa,start it ends in destruction and ps usa have never ever won 1 war them on there own against another nation fact FACT

  8. No need to know anything about Russia other then always win the War! If not sure ask the Mongols, Tartars, Napoleon, Kaiser and the famous Z*ionist Hazar called Aldoph Hitttler! On that list soon to be NATO and the entire collective West!

  9. If we are helping sh*thole Ukraine then we should help all other sh*thole countries and not be racist and only help these white countries. It's disgusting how much they are trying to feeeload off everyone

  10. Russia has the right to prevent the US putting nuclear missiles on Ukraine border (only 4 mins from Moscow). Russia also has a duty of care for the Russian speaking community in Eastern Ukraine which been suppressed by Zelensky in the last 8 years prior to this war. The US knows that Ukraine can not win but still push them to die in order to weaken Russia. Russia will be hurt but it will back up stronger as history has shown the strength of the Russian people. While I live in a Western country and prefer Western lifestyle, I acknowledge that Russia has the right to be the counter force of the US. The US is rhe ONLY country that used multiple nuclear bombs to kill hundreds of thousand of Japanese civilians and millions more in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, Serbia… imagine a world where there's no counter balance: The US would use nukes on every country that it doesn't like and would kill billions more of innocent civilians around the world.

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