• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

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4 thoughts on “3 MINUTES AGO! Ukrainian Artillery Hit Russian Assault Group”
  1. My thoughts,,,, well after 1 year of searching for an unbiased channel for Ukraine War News, I have yet to find 1.
    That's OK. I can watch several Pro Ukraine channels and Several Pro Russia channels. And see what I already Believe to be true.
    This is a bloody, bloody war. With Ukraine forcing any male 14 to 15 y/o and up to 60+ to fight. many with 3 or 4 days training, then are forced to the front. While the elite forces mainly stay back and but are used for deep penetration and high value missions. While Russia has many more and better trained troops.
    The advantage is Many More Rounds of Ammo.
    But for a Pro Ukraine channel, This Channel is a very good, with up-to-date information
    And I am glad I found it.

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