• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukrainian drones grenades destroy dozens Russian soldiers in around frontline trench. A video shows a Ukrainian battalion …


12 thoughts on “Footage Enemy!! Ukrainian drones grenades destroy dozens Russian soldiers in around frontline trench”
  1. Improvise, adapt and overcome. The Ukrainian infantry has got it going. I love to see the Ukrainian army in combat using US made weapons, i.e., M-777 155mm howitzers, HIMARS, MLRS and Javelin missiles against the Ruskie army. Warms my heart seeing my taxes well spent. And now Patriot missiles, Switchblades and JDAM's. We used JDAM's back in Vietnam in 1972. I know I was there. I helped build the tail fin assemblies for the Mark III 750 pounders that we used, Marine All Weather Attack Squadron 224 which was an A-6A-B, KA-6D tanker and EA-6B Prowler squadron. JDAM's made dumb iron bombs steerable with either laser guided or now, GPS guided avionics for the munitions.
    The Ukrainians have gotten pretty good at using quad & octi-copters not only for instant intelligence (eyes in the sky) but for munitions delivery and artillery fire support. Why would a Ruskie tanker ride around or park his tank with the hatch open??? If your hatch is open you should not be in the tank because your tank has a flaw in its design. You're sitting on a pile of explosives. But then we are not dealing with professionals here. Of course, psychological warfare is also in play here as the Ruskie army either surrenders or dies in battle, not for his country but for Poot'en. The well thought out plan of "I Want To Live" implemented into the Ukrainian military has helped as well.
    Of course this is a proxy war between the free world and the Ruskie tyrant Czar Poot'en's attempt to reestablish the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic with help from China on the down low. Now Poot'en is trying to empty the prisons in Russia and extinguish all the overproduced Soviet era relics to make room for the latest, fastest and best of all war machines. He's already failed in Chechnya and Georgia despite setting up a puppet in Belarus. We are thankful for neighboring countries, Poland and all the small countries. Despite Germany and France helping the Ukraine in its fight for freedom against Russian tyranny, Germany recently closed a nuclear reactor and according to Merkel, Germany will revert to fossil fuel which they will get from Russia. France is also dependent upon Russia for its nuclear fuel. So I wouldn't be surprised to see less German and French made munitions.
    It's time for the Russian people to wake the hell up and get rid of the Czar Poot'en before he starts a nuclear fiasco! Slava Ukraine! Cheers from eastern Tennessee

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