• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

A team of Ukrainian military psychologists is training soldiers to confront stress and trauma after a year of harsh fighting on the …


26 thoughts on “How Ukrainian Soldiers Are Training to Face Trauma | Russia-Ukraine War”
  1. If this idea was implemented in the US back in the 60s and 70s after the Vietnam war and beyond that, there will be very few or no suicides among the veterans. Kudos to the Ukrainian military psychologists and doctors for giving significant attention to the realities of PTSD and the solutions to remedy them. This model should be adopted by all military forces in all democratic states if they really honor the valor, courage and services of its servicemen and women. It is never too late.

  2. This is remarkably prescient of the Ukrainian leadership, and again shows why Ukrainian society is far, far more advanced than Russia can ever hope to be. But I have to question if you can really train someone to face trauma. Although it's probably worse if you don't even at least try –

  3. The politicians who support wars and have a hawkish" foreign policy actually don't know what they are doing. They love wars because they get rich from them. They don't care that people die all they care about is furthering their agenda. It's so sad because war doesn't solve anything and destroys the economy. War is meaningless because it only brings destruction.

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