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The War In Ukraine and Trench Warfare In 2023?


May 16, 2023

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32 thoughts on “The War In Ukraine and Trench Warfare In 2023?”
  1. trenches allow soldiers to run around areas without being noticed from distance peeps with guns trying to shoot at them. also trenches are great for hiding from tanks.

  2. Peer vs peer conflict, drones, tanks, trench combat, combined arms, artillery supremacy, precision weapons, long range fires – all coming together and have to be mastered if you want to be on top of the game. Bottom line: don't fight today's war with yesterday's ideas.

  3. While clearing trenches is still taught to some degree, what is not taught is trench defense as far as how not to get trapped in part of a trench in terms of learning how to fall back. If you get trapped in a section of trench with no fall back positions, you are really screwed. At that point a soldier has to make the choice of fighting until the death or surrendering. Another part of trench defense is learning how to detect enemies sneaking up on your position. Boobietraps and trip wires don't work when the enemy is pounding your positions with artillery fire. In one video I saw, the Russians used AGS-30 fire very effectively to cover an advance. In others some were able to sneak up to trenches low-crawling where they were then able to kill defenders and sweep through the trenches systematically. So it's not just offensive trench sweeping training that is required, but also creative defensive measures.

  4. If we have not learned anything from 20 years in Afghanistan it should be; don’t pick a fight with dedicated religious zealots with a desire to be martyred and who will not fight in large maneuvering elements battles but in small company, platoon or squad size elements with hit, run, hide, repeat tactics and will do that for generations.
    As for trenches…the Maginot line at the beginning of the Second World War demonstrated that maneuver with armor was the best way to overcome a dug in enemy. That the Russian generals and their subordinates can’t figure out how to logistically and tactically out flank the trenches is a mystery. But the Ukrainians have tricked them into a knife fight in a phone booth and the Russians are now like Brer Rabbit with the tar baby…stuck with no good way out…and I think I like it. Now if we can only do the right thing and fully support Ukraine and finish off the aggressor.

  5. its kind of weird to do a power point in a web browser, your information also seems in line with open source sources but i've not seen you directly link any of them.

  6. problem is bro… the west coupe Ukraine and put zelensky as puppet. The information is true most of zelensky government / soldiers are far right neo nazi's. we west bombed donbas in 2014; 16,000civil died..Nato push past 50year, now 2022 / 2023 people think Putin attack outta blue?

  7. Ukraine has 200k+ dead / 470k wounded / plus 10s of thousand desertions / POWs. The Ukraine nationalist brigades are hanging out in the rear, executing retreating soldiers and mainly junior officers and NCOs giving the order. Zelensky may have only 2 tank battalions left and is keeping them away from line of contact. They are firing 1/10 amount of arty as Russians and lost their last two usable fighters (Su-25s) last week. Cities like Backmut being fried by RU TOS-1s lobbing thermobaric shells.

    The RU launched 12 hypersonic SSMs last week and all 12 hit targets. No coordinated SAM defense from Ukraine.

    Looking pretty grim for Ukraines and the ISIS and Poles and French Foreign Legion dudes that are left.

    14 Abrams and 40 shitty German tanks no chance vs. 500 T-72s and air superiority.

    Not an RU fan but shouldn’t the big guy be aiming for peace?

    Love your channel BTW.

    ExUSMC 03 MOS 0210, Iraq

  8. If I told you when I was 16 I was digging trenches and dug outs with sand bags For 3 years becouse I was preparing for ww3 and Russia and China invading America would you call me crazy ?

  9. Digging your manhole was the start of every field day in basic training. in order to be able to make an arty resistant 2 person machine gun position in less than 30 minutes by the end of training. The west german infantry was expecting getting shelled by the red army constantly.

  10. The Marine Corps WANTS tanks, but it's just something that they don't need as critically as, say, aircraft that don't fall out the sky.

  11. You should also consider that Russia is a Christian country, and that Putin is a Christian and has helped grow the Russian orthodox church. What do we do? we promote the "woke" agenda, where everyone is free to be a unicorn and engage in abnormal sex. WE now in the US ARE the evil empire.

  12. If you think the Russian people's support of the war is because of "information war", then you don't know the history of the conflict. The Russians are justified in defending the Donbas. the people of the Donbas are Russian. the US quarterbacked a coup d'etat in Ukraine in 2014. Ukraine is a puppet of the US. they have been killing ethnic Russians in the Donbas since 2014 in an attempt to provoke this very war. you need to read a lot more and quit reading US/NAFO bullshit.

  13. Just my opinion studying this war since it’s inception: There are a lot of legitimate sites reporting accurate information based on both ground work in Ukraine and former intelligence officers information-based and best-scenario analysis, all available to the public. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH based on multiple reports and accounts all available to the public. Don’t limit yourself doing this.
    That said, the biggest propaganda source is the United States. Our government and mainstream media, mostly left-of-center leaning but also some conservative media, has as big a stake in propagandizing us as does Ukraine and Russia. Call me a conspiracy theorist but not without first thinking this through. I’m not going to try to sway you except to say do your own research. Form your opinions from that.

  14. Trench warfare created the space programs. I think about the evolution of warfare and technology and how it goes hand-in-hand a lot. Trench warfare hurried the need for airplanes. Airplanes hurried the need for anti-aircraft guns. Anti-aircraft guns hurried the need for faster airplanes. This led to faster anti-aircraft weapons, and the development of the space program was just a few steps away.

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