• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Watch: The Institute for the Study of War’s latest analysis of the Ukraine war as Russia struggles to make tactical gains READ …


20 thoughts on “Watch: Latest analysis of Ukraine war as Russia struggles to make tactical gains”
  1. Russia is not fighting Ukraine they are fighting all the west
    You need to start feeding your people with right information not giving them fake news
    In town wars one has to be careful

  2. Russia continues to wage warfare too cautiously. That 300k should have been 1.2 million. Russian generals are moving out of fear. This is a war. Russia needs no less than 1.2 million conscripts to turn the tide. Until then they play tit for Tat. Defenders have a 1:2 ratio. Defenders will eliminate 2 for every 1 that is taken from them. This is why Russia burns through conscripts.

  3. It would be nice if war wasn't covered like a sport. On a side note: can anyone name ONE country that was better off after NATO military action than before. All the nation building and democracy protecting they must have many successes making the world a better place….is Europe even better than 30 years ago?

  4. A huge part of this world, over a century of time. Vladimir Lenin made part of humanity unhappy. Unfortunately, some Russians still make mistakes in this direction, including President Vladimir Putin. What is the point exactly, Vladimir Lenin, after the armed takeover of power, formed the Bolshevik government and decided to disperse by force the elected in the democratic elections in December 1917. Legislative Assembly of Russia (constituent assembly of Russia). In the new Russian state, he created a one-party system in which the ruling party was the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and all this resulted from the mental problems of Vladimir Lenin, he experienced severe anxiety disorders. He believed that representative democracy was an illusion of true democracy and served to maintain bourgeois dictatorship. He cited the United States as an example of a bourgeois dictatorship. In his opinion, both parties of the US two-party system were run by "smart billionaires." The predictions of the perfection of socialism turned out to be wrong, you can see it by the fruits, to this day the socialist system has murdered about 160,000,000 people around the world, including often murdering their own and still doing it. In addition, people living in a democracy are "GENERALLY" satisfied and happy 🙂 What can not be said about what is before and after 1990, after the collapse of the communist system and in these countries. So it's better in a democracy!!! 🙂 To understand it better, compare both realities, but very few Russians go to see how it is in the west and in America, they only send their children to study there. In the Russian Federation, mistakes are still being made and as we all see, there are still people murdering their own, examples are the way of conducting warfare, they do not feel sorry for their own and also people who are inconvenient for the authorities must die. Mental health in state governments is, for example, America and Canada, for example. Or America and Brazil (where Brazil has huge gas reserves and America won't steal it from them). You know, you have to have a good head, Vladimir Lenin didn't have that. (H093)

  5. The current ISW maps indicate little to no Ukrainian counter attacks taking place as of the date of this Euronews report. However, the same ISW maps indicate Russian advances across the whole front. Yes, not big advances, but still advances.

    Come clean Euronews and admit you are not telling us the truth.

  6. Ukraine gonna be like Afganistan 2 , own denounced anti terrorism campaign in the civil war crime in region and keep war them .while US and West allies given aids and weapons to continue fight Russian .
    I bet another 2 years with Biden admin still even longer war US Afganistan withdrawn after longest war 20 years and Taliban took over .
    US will stop aiding war with Trump and Putin reelected .there both would agrees hand out from Ukraine

  7. Every wave ruzzia sends is destroying whatever good troops and more modern machinery they have left,pretty soon they will be down to T55's and T34's and moisin nagant bolt action rifles.If Ukraine can pound the ruzzians around Bakhmut and make a breakthrough the whole ruzzian front will collapse.Slava Ukraini

  8. Nato say go to deaf-attack Ukranian, they know its the end ukraine lose and spending last weapons and solders to take control Crimea

  9. Yes yes, and Russia is running out of ammunition VERY SOON and the Ghost of Keeev is flying around with a sniper rifle in his cockpit, shooting 2000 RuZZians per day from thousands of feet in sky at supersonic speeds. RuZZia is really struggling!

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