• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukrainian army back fired Caesar howitzer that destroy Russian T-72B tanks convoy. The devastating and precision-strike artillery …


23 thoughts on “Horrible Attack!!! Ukrainian army back fired Caesar howitzer that destroy Russian T-72B tanks convoy”
  1. You only posting the loses of Russian military equipment because they attacked Ukraine. You should should also post videos of Ukrainian military loses and stop being bias. Also those criticizing Russian aggression, have you asked why Russia is doing that…? You need to know facts before you jump into conclusion, but all in all I don't support the idea of war

  2. The Ukrainian Nazi army uses them to shoot civilians in the Donbass. The other day, a shell from this howitzer tore apart children in the center of Donetsk, who were peacefully playing in the street.

  3. I'm all for Ukraine, but this is a BS video. It's a bunch of videos patched together, most of them unrelated to the use of Caesar howitzers.

  4. It will be realy hard even to blind artillery crew to miss newly appointed Putler's "commander for special operation called WAR". They planned to roll him down to Ukraine. Asad sent to Putin a ton of scarabs to push the new commander to Ukraine. Five abundant meals daily, One (liar, 2 a least) litre of vodka and 170kg. As an underwear he use parachute, and cement mixer for helmet..

  5. Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, show the Russians hell ✊
    Українські воїни та мирні жителі, покажіть росіянам пекло ✊

  6. It’s pitiful what a tank looks like after a direct hit by a howerser, there dudes have got good with these big guns . Very impressive I say give them some better TOYS and see what they can do with them.

  7. i herd deferent there's Russian ppl that's reporting a deferent story where its the the other way around so don't believe everything u see here Ukraine been getting there asses kicked slowly

  8. i still keep my strong stance that russia roped the nuke from ukraine by the 1994 agreement and now has shared the nuke to Belarous as its partner . who has took responsibility of the current war in ukraine. To live in peace and freedom ukraine has sacrificed her nukes to the evil but results are beyond the expectation.The US must clearly explain of somehow the meaning of the 1994 agreement that instead of show thankfulness to ukraine but burning the brutal war toukraine.

  9. Poland bought 250 Abrams SEPV3 tanks from the USA. In addition, we have about 250 PT-91 hard tanks which are a very deep modernization of the T-72. These tanks that we could give to Ukraine, but we would have to get some older versions of the Abrams tank from the USA. Poland has about 50 Leopard 2 PL tanks and 100 Leopard 2A5 tanks and 100 Leopard 2A4 tanks. We could give these tanks to countries such as Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia in return, and they would give their tanks to Ukraine. That would be another 250 tanks that Ukraine would receive. That's 500 tanks in total. But for the next tanks that we would donate, we would also have to receive tanks from the USA or the UK. Poland has 1000 BWP1 infantry fighting vehicles and 1000 Rosomak wheeled combat vehicles, this equipment can also be exchanged for something else to strengthen Ukraine. In total, Ukraine would receive 500 tanks: 250 PT-91hard, 100 T-80, 100 modernized T-72, 50 others. Ukraine could count on: 1000 old IFVs1 and 1000 modernized IFVs for the Rosomaki. But these are huge amounts and it is associated with a cost, so the US itself would not be able to bear this cost and the European Union and other NATO countries would have to support the process of replacing Polish equipment that we are handing over to others for equipment for Ukraine … So NATO and the European Union would have to cover the cost of repairs of American Abrams tanks and combat vehicles that Poland would receive for its equipment given to Ukraine. Is it possible ?

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