• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Ukraine War: How Poland is increasing defence capability on Ukraine's doorstep

Sky’s military analyst air vice-marshal Sean Bell explains how Poland is leading the conversation on sending aid to Ukraine.


37 thoughts on “Ukraine War: How Poland is increasing defence capability on Ukraine's doorstep”
  1. Actually I was out trying to jog that morning, and three rockets landed exactly on my route,” said Andriy Zelinskyy, S.J., a lecturer at Ukrainian Catholic University and a Ukrainian army chaplain. He was detoured along with thousands of others into the impromptu bomb shelter of the Kyiv subway system.

  2. I would give countries such as Poland much credit for their awareness of aggression from countries as Russia. I don't think most Americans are that concerned about such issues as China's growing threat to far east, mid Pacific and the US.

  3. Much as I respect Sean Bell and his analyses, I was perplexed by his piece yesterday where he contemplated the consequences of a Russian victory, particularly where he envisaged Russia turning its attention to the Baltics. He even seemed to question whether NATO would respond for fear of escalation. He seems to have forgotten the unequivocal stance of NATO members, especially that of the US as confirmed by Biden in his speech. But more importantly, he seems to have forgotten that there is a significant NATO presence in those countries already, meaning that if Putin invaded, NATO would automatically be at war with Russia. Analysing facts is one thing, but inaccurate and pessimistic speculation is both unnecessary and unhelpful; this is after all an information war as well as a military one.

  4. This is absurd. Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are NATO members and Putin would not risk a war with NATO no matter how much he pulls himself off over Soviet history

  5. All these NATO bots everywhere. Its crazy how ‘warfare’ is conducted in the internet as well in form of opinion shaping via upvoted comments for example. Where will this end

  6. Northern Europe must realize that while they and the US want Ukraine to resist Putin's forces, they and the US actually have different objectives. Northern Europe want Ukraine to win to prevent Russia from next invading them, but the US wants to dominate the military hardware market and the world economy and to ensure that Putin will not be pressured enough to use nuclear weapons. Thus, the US has as its option to maneuver Ukraine to compromise with Putin and possibly cede Donetz, Donbas and Crimea. But Ukraine and most northern European countries want to drive out the Russians.

  7. Denmark is also in the firing line because of the Öresund and Great belt access points to the North and Atlantic sea for the otherwise botched up Russian Baltic Fleet. Russian man-of-war pass below the the Great Belt Bridge all the time, so much so that it's become an attraction in of itself, cause the Danish military and the news outlets talk about it days ahead! Go figure!

  8. The Russians could gift Poland the West of Ukraine. Forget the mainstream propaganda. Russia's biggest issue is what they're going to do with Ukraine once they demilitarize the AFU. Russia have no intention of occupying territory that are unfriendly. They have other stuff going on, like spreading influence in the global south who support them.

  9. Poland eying up to tale.bske it's lands Ukraine took in the 1930s as Ukraine is no longer a functional state .
    Read history no borders in Eastern Europe are perminant

  10. Not expected? GB instructors have been in Ukraine since 2008. Since 2014 they, and US, have been actively and massively preparing the Ukrainian army for war. Everyone knows that, this man says things that have no connection with reality.

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