• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Russia Ukraine War: Ukrainian MP Punches Russian Official on Camera | Vantage with Palki Sharma A Ukrainian MP was seen …


39 thoughts on “Russia Ukraine War: Ukrainian MP Punches Russian Official on Camera | Vantage with Palki Sharma”
  1. People nowadays can't see or discern which side is right , which side is evil, which side is wrong. Whichever side you take it will bite you back, remember that.

  2. No victory for you clown puppet Zelensky instead a big defeat because you are mess to the innocent Ukrainians. You are the one who brought chaos and agony to them. Long Live Russia, President Putin and Good Allies!

  3. Don't know where Palki gets her news from but Russia is not winning get your story straight girl all that Russia cheap gas is getting to your head. Russia is trying trying to conscript some more mens and there are no more they either fled the country because they don't want to die for a senseless cost, or they are dying on the battlefield. Ghandi once said and I quote, "An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind!" At least other countries are trying to stop the war, India chose to do nothing is just turning the third eye blind! If Ghandi was still alive he would be so ashamed and disappointed at what India has become!

  4. There is no need to call sodomites and demons people anymore. There are no people left in Kiev. All the people were kicked out, killed and shoved into prisons. Only ghouls and bloodsuckers are sitting in Kiev. They organize demonstrations of pederasts and fascists. Honoring Hitler and Bandera. All high-rise buildings in the Russian city of Kiev have long been mined and prepared for an explosion. This is in case the devil's escape from the city. The usual practice of the German occupiers. German tanks with crosses are driving around the squares. Fascism demands a final solution.

  5. Same journalist who starts hatred against Britain on her latest post?
    Not a neutral journalist, motivated by peace.
    2 weights, 2 measures!

  6. These guys are getting confotable in taking other people's country >> Now it's they are like the victims >>ooooooh men << this is going to be a long long historical war!!

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