• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Russian Ammunition Depot Is Destroyed! Ukraine's JFO Worked on Russians! RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR

Russian Ammunition Depot Is Destroyed! Ukraine’s JFO Worked on Russians! RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR.


24 thoughts on “Russian Ammunition Depot Is Destroyed! Ukraine's JFO Worked on Russians! RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR”
  1. I guess this how it was in Germany for many of the Germans. they believed the delusion spun by their Nazi puppet masters they were winning as Germany burned . Except it is a good portion of the world population this time falling for it .

  2. I can't believe after all the bullshit coming out of Ukraine from the Ukrainians that there are sheople out there stupid enough to believe it without verification. What idiocy!

  3. I think Ukraine are doing a great job defending their homeland against a despot run state however im getting tired of all of this one sided propaganda, if your doing as well as you claim you wouldnt be the need to embelish the Ukrainiane progress. Read between the lines people. Go Ukraine.

  4. OOK 1 ——- SUPERGUN !!! The M-777 155mm Artillery gun has an upgrade kit that will Double its Range… From the old 20 miles to a new max range of 40+ miles using existing shells… With a 100-mile range shooting the new GPS-guided subcal Hypervelocity round the barrel was designed to fire… The new High Tech Barrel or tube increases its Cal. length from 39cal to 58cal or from about 19 feet to 30 feet before the Muzzle break is added. The barrel also uses a new Propellant and increased charge breach space that significantly increases the gun tube's maximum pressure beyond what would burst (destroy) all current guns… While having roughly the same weight and balance as the original barrel or tube… Allowing the tube to be easily switched with the original short normal pressure tube with a few minor modifications… This new barrel or tube is now being produced with the production test barrels given to an M-109A6 SP Brigade (that originally used the same barrel as the M-777 towed gun) for testing this year… Even though the barrel is now undergoing field tests of the production barrel, there is no reason that Ukrain can not Put in an Order for the new advanced barrels for their 100 M-777 and the few M-109 they now have and expect to get… Allowing the Factory to continue production instead of shutting down and waiting for the U.S. Military to decide they approve of the new upgraded barrel, want the new barrel and Congress authorizes the money to purchase said same…. Which could take years if ever… The New upgrade kit will give Ukraine the longest ranged gun in the world for the price of new barrels… Making one Supergun worth 4 normal artillery guns… Truly Deveistating the Russian army who now have twice the number of artillery guns than the Ukraine army has and are rapidly increasing those numbers… This is why America Must send all 1,000 M-777s in U.S. depots waiting to be scrapped to Ukraine NOW!!! Before there is NO longer a FREE Ukraine left… And allow Ukraine to buy Supergun Barrel Upgrade Kits for all their M-777 and M-109 Artillery Guns…!!!

    K ——– Please write and call President Biden and your House and Senate Congressmen and demand that America starts the emergency Production of the new Ultra long-range 155mm 58cal Super Berrals to send hundreds of upgrade Kits to Ukraine for its M-777 and M-109 Artillery Guns as soon as possible so Ukraine can Stop the Russian Attacks and save the lives of a hundred thousands Civilian from being Murdered and buried in mass Graves by Tens of Thousands of Russian Artillery Gun Shells and Rockets destroying Ukrainian CITIES and Villages…

  5. One of the biggest threats to humanity is dictators like Putin. Trump wants to be just like Putin and clearly tried to overthrow democracy and the United States government. Also it was the same election process that elected Trump. Trump had no problem with the election then. This REDICULESS story that the election was stolen from him unfairly is outrageous. Trump illegally did so many 100% illegal things so he could actually steal the election it is impossible for me to comprehend how so many Americans can sallow Trump's BS. It's just stunning. Wrapping yourself in the American which Trump has many times in no way makes Trump a patriot. Taking money from Russia is not the act of a patriot and actually asking publicly for Russia to help him get elected the first time just blows my mind. If anyone thinks that they are being patriotic by being a Trumpy reality is extremely different. Sad for my country beyond belief. Beyond a disappointment. When Trump said he loves the uneducated he wasn't talking about me.

  6. Putin promised in 2014 not to invade Ukraine again because when he invaded in 2014 he got everything he wanted so that means he had no justification this time. It also proves Putin's word is worthless and he is not to be trusted. In under 3 months Putin has destroyed 2 countries and killed and terrorized innocent women and children the act of a heartless psychopath. Myself I am not capable of such depraved behavior. Also Putin has been stealing everything he can from Russia.

  7. usa and nato use ukraine's armies as ground troops and usa and nato. bomb the russia setting from the air let it be clear..certain inci
    ident the armies of ukraine do not know. but the usa knows exactly how and what happened .etc.. where was the bombing all the info the usa has ….after a few days the president gets to hear what was going on. via the usa .who is fooling whom . the fight is war and cold war betweenRussia vs Ukraine and NATO

  8. Putin in 2014 promised not to invade Ukraine again when he invaded in 2014 and got everything he wanted so he had no justified reason to invade a 2nd time plus that shows Putin's word is totally worthless and he can't be trusted

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