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Russian journalist explains what Russians are thinking about Putin's war


May 18, 2023

Journalist Ekaterina Kotrikadze, who works for a Russian news outlet that was shut down by the Russian government, discusses …


40 thoughts on “Russian journalist explains what Russians are thinking about Putin's war”
  1. Well, he can't jail us all, so here we go. Putins War ! A terrorist state never will be the same again. So get him out now before he destroys everything good about the people of Russia. Freedom and democracy to Ukrainian men women and children. To live without fear. Send the team in now before it's all gone because of the terrorist putin

  2. Untrained, unwilling, unequipped soldiers can out man a force 20 to 1 and lose. The Nuclear rhetoric needs to stop, thats just terrorism

  3. Propoganda!!
    I have friends who literally support the war!
    Where do you get these interviews from exactly? St. Petersburg and Moscow? And for those who are going to say I am a bot or a troll I really am not!

  4. And the world should ask Biden – where is the signed up in May 2022 promised Lend Lease for Ukraine? Why not to give them all they can use to win this war against a crazy terrorist?!

  5. The head of Russian private military company (PMC) Wagner, Evgeny Prigozhin, has announced a milestone achievement in the battle for the city of Artyomovsk (known in Ukraine as Bakhmut), publishing a video allegedly taken in front of the town’s administrative building on Sunday evening.

  6. Bring Americans to real war and you will carry dozens of dead bodies to Washington. America is weak, and has only invaded very weak nations. If USA was strong, it would have fought japan tooth and nail without using the atomic bomb. NATO may be having numbers, but form a military point, i see dead bodies moving alive yet to be shot dead

  7. This ends in the collapse of Putin regime,we know this every dictator from hitler to saddam to gaddafi to Mussolini ended with death,Putin is a wanted criminal now it’s a matter of time.

  8. Putin and his friends ars distroying the future of Russia.. This unjust war against another Country is not righ…and to talk about the use of nuks is insane …This is the hand of the Devil at work. There are no winners in a nuke war only death and the end. The Antichriest is at the gates of hell ..Pray .

  9. Hello WORLD, aren't you tired of seeing the murderer putin??? Aren't you tired of hearing about the murderer putin???
    Please stop giving him media coverage!!!
    Lock him up now!!!

  10. The war started in 2014 when Obama organized a coup in Ukraine to install a Nazi government which started killing the ethnic Russians in Ukraine and banned Russian language in Ukraine. Russia has the responsibility to got rid of these Nazis from Ukraine.

  11. I still don't even understand the why behind Vladimir Putin's actions. Is he really that paranoid of the west? Why does he think Zelensky is a nazi when he's actually Jewish? Does he just hate jews? Also if he was worried about Nato expanding, why would he go and perform a self-fufilling prophecy? I mean i'm sure most countries in Nato were respecting Russia's wishes in not bringing Ukraine into the alliance, but after this unprovoked invasion, yeah that's starting to look a lot more likely.

  12. 500,000 under equipped, undertrained, and malnourished boys being led into the meat grinder of battle hardened , U.S. trained soldiers from all over the world……there’s gonna be a lot of sad Russian mothers…..Vlad needs to be stopped now….

  13. Russians need to wake up to the fact that Putin will kill as many Russians as he needs too just to keep himself in power! Putin threatens the West with a nuclear attack but if he did this it would be the end of Russia, the West would wipe Russia off the map. If Putin was to declare war against NATO the Russian military would very quickly cease to exist Russian warships would either be sunk or locked in port, NATO air forces would create a nofly zone for Russian military aircraft as they take air superiority, Russian ground forces would be overwhelmed with massive Russian casualties and they would cease to be an army, NATO would then hunt down the Russian commanders and put them on trial for war crimes. All Putin's allies would disappear and disown him, and Putin would be on the run hiding like the cowardly rat that he is!

  14. Мої героїчні брати і сестри українські, світ стоїть за вами. Разом ми вичистимо шкідників із вашої суверенної великої землі. Неважливо, скільки маріонеток Володимира Путіна має померти… ми благословляємо себе їхньою кров'ю, тому що скоро це буде він. Ти не самотній. Зґвалтування, вбивства мирних жителів і загибель ваших відважних воїнів не залишаться безкарними. Незабаром він опиниться в пеклі, де йому і місце. СЛАВА УКРАЇНИ

  15. I did some research and found that Kiev (so UKRAINE) is packed with NEO NAZI organizations and members that helped the coup in 2014 and started targeting the Russian speaking Ukranian Citizens in the East. So now the USA and Europe are supporting Neo Nazi's in Ukraine. That gives me a strange feeling. And its absolutely true.

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