• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023
12 thoughts on “Russian Artillerymen in Shock: Ukrainian Troops Hit Positions Aptly with CAESAR Howitzer”
  1. The maximum speed from the Caesar is false: the 6×6 (on Renault Sherpa truck, same as french army equipment) max speed is 100km/h, and the 8×8 (on Tatra 815 32 tons truck, not delivered to Ukraine) is 90km/h …6×6 an 8×8 have the same weapon and capability, but the 8×8 is better armored and hold more ammunitions

  2. You're so mean to Pookie, the old demented Soviet KGB Bellhop, and his glorious Army of Orcs in Uncle Stalin's mentality where the proletariat are to die for the Mother(f**ker)Land as canon fodder. Make their lives hell. Glory to Ukraine.

  3. Putin was doing well convincing the world that it was a first class super power……………………until…………..it went into the Ukraine. The rest my friends is History……

  4. It is necesary to compare the Caesar truck Howitzer with the tank howitzer like the german panzer haubitze. The advantadge of the tank howitzer is the better level of protection. I am not sure if the Ceasar is cheaper than the tank howitzer. Both did great jobs! Russians retreated and fired less their artillery.

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