• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Ukraine war: Russia's Wagner Group boss says he will pull troops out of Bakhmut – BBC News

The leader of Russia’s Wagner Group says he will withdraw his troops from the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut by Wednesday, in a row …


37 thoughts on “Ukraine war: Russia's Wagner Group boss says he will pull troops out of Bakhmut – BBC News”
  1. I think that the 'attack' on the Kremlin was an attention seeker by some cheerful soul trying to make a point.
    Either he (she/it/they) made the point as intended; OR the main charge didn't detonate (all it did was go POP and disturb the equilibrium of some bystanders).
    So it's either a case of point made … or back to the drawing board and start over.

  2. No it's not true translation BBC! He is mad about Ukrainian soldiers deliberately killing civilians living behind their bodies so they can blame Russia for war crimes. No one can compete with BBC when it comes to fake news!

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  4. I wonder how long it takes Tubby to dress up in his cosplay outfit for these videos. Prigozhin looks like he can barely waddle in it, let alone actually do anything meaningful. If he thinks he's so tough, why isn't he even faking videos of himself firing weapons and claiming to be in combat with his troops? He dresses up to pose for the camera miles away from any combat zone and wants people to believe he's leading his troops in battle. He's actually living a comfortable life and doesn't care about the many thousands of lives he's cut short on both sides. Why hasn't he been indicted as a war criminal just like his rival Putin? I think Tubby's withdrawing his forces to go to Moscow and confront Putin. This could be the start of the Russian civil war. (fingers crossed)

  5. All military experts have a common suspicion and desire that Russia is deliberately in no hurry to take Bakhmut. The daily disposal of up to a battalion of Ukrainian Nazis in Bakhmut looks like a planned operation between Russian and either Ukrainian or American command. Somehow, Ukrainian Nazis are being actively and consistently delivered for slaughter in orderly rows.

    Active Nazis are being mobilized all over Ukraine. Elements sympathetic to the Nazi regime of Ukraine are gathering all over Europe. And somehow all of them are suspiciously organized and sent for recycling near Bakhmut. And Russia is not particularly in a hurry to take the city. A colossal military grouping of the Russian army is concentrated around the city. And this huge war machine is not activated. Troops stand and watch. It's just a mass meat grinder for fascists from all over the world. And the feeling that in the organization of this meat grinder there are coordinated actions of the governments of Ukraine, America and Russia. Russia is putting things in order in agreement with the United States. Slowly.

    At the same time, for the audience of the whole world, the Russian military always put on a performance. And they calmly continue to dispose of up to a battalion of Ukrainian Nazis every day, plus mercenaries from all over the world there – for scrap.

  6. When a dog goes rabid and bites your hand, the only option is to put the dog down. Prigozhin is clearly a dead man walking as Pootin will get his goons to kill him. It’s only a matter of time.

  7. I think this guy (Priggy) is trying to set the scene for election to Putin's position as the next Russkie 'God Incarnate' … (Tsar, by another name).
    No? And—
    —and I notice a singular lack of squawking by one-in-number Miss Greta Thunberg. Surely all this unpleasantness must be raising the CO2 content of the air by oodles lots? (In Kiwiland I got growled at for burning some paper rubbish in my own backyard. Sheesh.)

  8. Hope this isnt a ploy by the Russians..to lull the ukrainians into complacency and lowering their guard, thinking the wagner group is really pulling out, and then laying a trap for them

  9. Запад, развязавший против России войну в 2014 году, уже не скрывает, что количество иностранных наёмников их НАТО-вских ЧВК составляет на Украине 1 миллион боевиков-профессионалов. Поляки: "АСБС-атак" – ведёт электронную разведку и РЭБ; немецкая эсэсовская группа "Асгард", творившая зверства в Мариуполе; наёмники бывшей "Блэк вотрар" – 20 000 бойцов; "Групп 4 секурикор" – 800 000 боевиков (взорвали Крымский мост и бахвалятся этим); "Милитари профессионал ресурс" – только генералов у них 350; "Дин корп" – 14 000 боевиков; турецкая "Садат" – 7000 боевиков; "Иджес дефенс сервесис" – 20 000 бойцов и так далее. Страны Содружества Сатаны ведут войну на уничтожение страны Бога России. Бог победит! Да здравствует Росиия!

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