• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Imran Khan warns that Pakistan is fast turning into a Banana Republic 29 Palestinians killed as Israel carries out ‘pre-emptive’ …


22 thoughts on “World at War: Ukraine strikes Russia with long range Storm Shadow missile for the first time”
  1. Guns don't kill people, deranged people kill people. If they didn't have gun's they'd just use explosives, knives cars or whatever, guns just make it a little more convenient. I wonder how many people they could wipe out with a pickup truck in the middle of some kind of a gathering? You gonna come after our trucks too then? Probably!

  2. If Ukraine strikes Russia with one of these missiles, God hel the Ukrainian and perhaps beyond, kiev will seize to exist, mark my words.
    On the 12 of this month russia strikes an ammunition warehouse in Ukraine full of west ammunition the shockwave from the second explosion sais it all. The uk is being very naive and irresponsible as always with this warmongering interventions

  3. Most people in Britain are struggling with the cost of living and yet our government can afford to send these weapons. If the people got to vote on this decision you could bet your life that there would be no help for Ukraine.

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