• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Horrible! Ukrainian army destroy 450 Russian soldiers in close combat near Bakhmut Over the past 24 hours, the Armed Forces of …


32 thoughts on “Horrible! Ukraine army brutal battle attack Russian soldiers in trenches near Bakhmut”
  1. Солдаты России! Храни вас Бог! Низкий поклон c Польши родителям, чьи сыновья на передовой! Павшим Героям Вечная Славa!

  2. Я знаю истории. Я не считаю русских врагами. Украинцы убили много поляков, но поляки забыли об истории. PL❤RU

  3. If we examine the current state of Bakhmut, which has been decimated by heavy artillery and the Heavy Flamethrower System, it becomes clear why 82,000 Ukrainians have gone missing. What some individuals fail to comprehend is that Russia launches approximately 60,000 rockets, missiles, drones, and shells daily. Shockingly, Ukrainian soldiers are known to enter schools in Ukraine to forcibly remove children from their classrooms, causing them to weep. These children are later deployed as cannon fodder. A lot of video's on Odysee showing this and the hidden truth!

  4. Всё это снято на Мосфильме. Никакой войны нет. Путин давно уже сбежал в Боливию к петлюровцам.

  5. anytime a shell hits, a gun is fired… we all hear boom-
    our American politicians, American generals, American intelligence community, American weapon manufacturers all hear CHA CHING-
    and to think 1/2 of America believe the corporate media that we are sending billions of our tax $'s to fight for freedom…. it would be comical if it wasnt so sad-

  6. And you are green! F.. kUSA! Didn't the CIA criminals tell you to be careful what images you use. The drone that destroys the tank is the Lancet and it exists only in the equipment of the Russian army. The tank was Ukrainian. They will probably send women and children in the counterattack. Every day of the war, Ukraine gets more into chaos. Poverty, hunger, despair and death for some corporate crooks and corrupt American politicians to make a few more dollars. But the stupidity is on the part of the Ukrainians who believe that they carry a noble magnifying glass for the country.

  7. It's not horrible. It's normal. Defenders have basic rights to kill invaders. Kremlin orcs are invaders, so you can fire at will, when you see them. Long live brave Ukrainian defenders of their country, nation, freedom ✊

  8. Why Ukrainians have no more fear?

    Belief is an incredibly powerful force that can drive individuals to the most extreme of situations. We can see this in the fiery self-immolation of a Buddhist monk protesting the Vietnam War in June 1964, the unwavering faith of an Indian holy man who held his hand upright for the rest of his life, and even the recent tragic example of 100 Kenyans who starved themselves to death in the hope of meeting Jesus. The Taliban's victory in Afghanistan, despite their lack of modern weapons, is also a clear testament to the power of belief. In Ukraine, we witness fearless soldiers charging into Russian trenches, which demonstrates the remarkable power of belief. However, this raises the question of why people are pushed to such extreme situations. Perhaps the unwavering spirit and fearlessness of the Ukrainian armed forces are fueled by the atrocities committed by the Russian army against innocent civilians and their unlawful seizure of Ukrainian sovereignty. Regardless of its effects, whether positive or negative, belief holds the key to unlocking humanity's full potential…

  9. In the West, they are very fond of showing the dead bodies of Russian soldiers, and everywhere they write about how successful the Ukrainians are in the fighting, but the opposite is true. Huge losses of men, it no longer allows the Ukrainians to lead the counteroffensive and the dead soldiers have no one to replace, so they are already taking students and old people and mostly forcibly take them to the front. The fact that they will become an easy victim of the Russian army, however, does not interest them at all. These people have practically no military training, and therefore soon die. Russia cannot be defeated because they are fighting for the security of their country.

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