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Javelin Missiles Destroy Russian Tanks ?!


May 20, 2023

In this video, we discuss the impact of Javelin and NLAW missile systems on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.


34 thoughts on “Javelin Missiles Destroy Russian Tanks ?!”
  1. Вас добьем и будет вам наука
    Не хрен шастать по земле чужой
    Три танкиста, три веселых друга
    А теперь пы просто перегной.

  2. Nice video but why haven't they gain all the lost ground back yet? To many videos like this but when we look at the battle field it's still the same but the west say Ukraine need more more more because they still losing. How can that be with numerous videos like this. These videos sound like bulshit. Why are Ukrainian always asking for more tanks planes ammo etc…if these videos showing they are doing well? What are we missing? You guys posting videos like this make it out to be Ukraine winning the war but getting no ground back and never losing tanks etc… but always asking for more. Another reason why I think these types of videos are propaganda bulshit.

  3. I don't understand why the Russian people don't rise up against Putin and his regime? He is singlehandedly destroying their country. It's just sad how he has brainwashed many Russian people into believing this war he launched was necessary. He feeds them lies and propaganda, they lap it up like a thirsty dog. This war can end today, all Putin has to do is withdraw all Russian troops out of Ukraine, it's that simple, but his ego won't allow him to. He'd rather send his citizens to their deaths, collapse the Russian economy than face the fact that he lost this war. With this upcoming counter offensive, there will be many more grieving Russian mothers.

  4. Russians have access to Javelin and NLAWS now because theyve capture alot of them and are sending them to Iran so Iran can copy them and send a few back to Russia

  5. Russia will now be armed nicely ! No one asking why in over a year Putin and his forces has not dropped any bombs on KYIV where Zelensky resides ! I was asking this question on month number two of the invasion ! Now over a year later and KYIV remains the safest city in Ukraine ! Also no one asking why Russian forces have not shutdown and roads or railroads or shutdown any shipments of all this massive artillery waltzing into the country unchecked and unabated ! No I say Putin and Zelensky has entered into some underhanded and under the table deal which has them in the end both laughing and splitting the proceeds ! Then what will Washington and the media say ? " I never saw this coming" ????

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