• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Tonight marks a year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. The conflict has cost tens of thousands of lives, reawakened …


33 thoughts on “Michael Clarke answers your questions on the war in Ukraine”
  1. Anyone who asserts that a heavily outnumbered invading force , would be capable of bringing Ukraine to its knees within a month, cannot be taken seriously.

  2. Spoiler: It was the start of the offensive, and it over got worse for the Russki.
    Many were turned into good Russki

  3. I think its strange that this conflict is still going on.??. Its like russia is fighting a war with no aims or no purpose.. Ukraine is only fighting to stay free and alive. I think the true enemy is war itself.. learn to respect each other and live in peace..

  4. Isn't it an actual fact that the reality is Russia is completely smashing Ukraine and all this talk of counter attacks is just complete nonsense. This over optimistic view of technology from the west and the misreporting of the horrific numbers of dead on the Ukrainian side. The war is just about lost and Russia is just waiting for solid ground to advance. I'd like to see professor Clark having a real discussion with someone realistic on this like 'Scott Ritter' and not an uniformed journalist.

  5. your comments about ukraine being demolished does not reconcile with a large number experts who believe that ukraine has a great chance of winning this war. Feet on the ground by many foreigh correspondents, their opinions count.for a lot

  6. To declare war and aid his low popularity (2.5%) Putin blew up 4 Moscow apartment blocks c/o FSB blamed on a 'Chechen terrorist', (died in a car crash earlier in 1999). 300 people murdered. All evidence destroyed. FSB caught in the act with a 5th bomb in Ryazan. 'We will waste them. Even when they are in the boghouse'. Every rule of war was broken..Killer in the Kremlin by John Sweeney.

  7. Obviously my ex teacher knows a lot but i think he has too much belief in western military power,doesn’t recognize Russia’s legitimate security interests and tells a different story to the one i happen to believe told by analysts such as Ritter and Macgregor.he was wrong about Afghanistan too.i think Russia will end up with it all,if it so desires.

  8. Journalism is now a total farce, from "the expert".

    Sky News – 1,000 Russian solders are killed.

    3 Ukrainian casualties –

    1, broken finger.

    1, pulled a muscle.

    1, stubbed his toe.

  9. I just watched this so called expert on Sky News live tell the world that Sana Marin the Finnish prime minister was the president of Moldova. I wonder how many other things he is getting wrong? He keeps talking about how the Russians are losing yet they keep coming on stronger than ever. The professor talks out of his arse!

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