• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

SSU INTERCEPTION: Russians destroy ‘DNR’ battalion in Donetsk region


May 20, 2023

This was the 2nd battalion of the First Army Corps of the ‘DNR people’s militia’, which was fighting as part of the russian army.


27 thoughts on “SSU INTERCEPTION: Russians destroy ‘DNR’ battalion in Donetsk region”
  1. M2 (drunk, just waking up on the toilet where he fells asleep yesterday morning after drinking two bottles of potato liquor): nyet.

  2. Just for people that do not understand what they are talking about.
    A DPR 2nd Batallion (An "Ally" of Russia). Made up of Ethnic Russians in DPR, was not paid, fed or given any supplies. They were given order to attack on a section of front. They just sat there idle, not wanting to just die throwing themselves at better trained and geared Yooks. Then, they withdrew. As they were coming back, Russian forces opened fire on them annihilating the entire unit with their fire. What is called a Blue-on-Blue incident. The Russian soldier was giggling what a sh!t army THEY are.

  3. Is Russian Education built on swearing ?? Wither male or female it seems so
    natural. Signs of a lazy educational standard of not being able to convey what
    you need to say in more descriptive words.

  4. Maybe the DPR battallion met the Chenchen soldiers of Kadyrov and was shot for retreating. This like the NVKD of WW2 located behind their troops to shoot them for retreating. Guess the people of Donbas and Luhanz bet on the Russian, now their men are missing, killed and not being paid. They are the collateral damage of Putins actions and now their able bodied men and women are cannon fodder. The UA artillery will blow them to pieces. Ukraniae will have less to worry.after this and their widows will drown in sorrow for decades. Vlogs that show them chanting Russia Russia and manhandling Ukranian POW is coming to haunt them now. If they have a future in Ukraine perhaps not. In Russia may be as they profess their loyalty thete. The UA Security will be busy for years rooting out .

  5. And yet…. Donnetsk & Russian scream that UKR bomb their home since 2014……

    I wonder even after hearing this conversation…. They still won't believe it….

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