• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Ukraine War: Ukrainian soldier recovers in Ireland after losing eye

WARNING: This report contains graphic images of severe facial injuries. Captain Maks Horobets, a sapper in Ukraine’s 808 …


33 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Ukrainian soldier recovers in Ireland after losing eye”
  1. Why does he recover in Ireland I thought his country is the best and they will have victory and push back the Russians…do he should certainly be save even 50km behind the front or not…ha ha… pathetic

  2. It's been happening in Donetsk since 2014 with 14,000 dead- 4 times that injured and 1.4 million refugees (between 2014 – 2022) fleeing to Russia- and now it's a big deal?. What sort of bias is in play here?- I realize that the media are on a war footing, but it's time that they showed some back bone and questioned both sides of the story – with the view of a shift towards a diplomatic solution in the near future. Rather than moronically crying over split milk

  3. So easy to stay and enjoy a good life, but so hard to leave your mates, i can understand him wanting to go back, it's a big choice.

  4. This man is a true hero. Im very glad he survived. He deserves many medals. God bless him and his family. A big salute from an American war veteran!!

  5. Nobody’s talking about the homeless people all over the place and these people were bought into the country for free getting a free house, clothes, cars, phones and education while homeless Irish people are getting absolutely nothing

  6. Very sad to see young men injured! It is good that they can be cured in good hospitals of european countries. I really hope Ukraina will win and this horrible war will stop

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