• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
12 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery directs high precision strikes on Russian army positions #shorts”
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  2. Бедные Ванечки,а им говорили что "СВО" идёт по плану,а теперь здороваются с Апостолом Петром.

  3. This just goes to show how deadly accurate the US military equipment is vs Russia's! I hear the Russian bots trolling saying that Ukrainians are losing and that the Russian military is better than European and Western equipment…..but tell me this, why hasn't Russia taken air superiority since the day they launched this invasion? And why aren't the Russians using their high-end equipment anymore? FACT is that Ukrainians are kicking Russian ass in a bad way with the help of the lethal and deadly accurate USA and European equipment! Russia is so desperate they're lobbing missiles from helicopters, using naval anti-ship missiles for ground attacks, and hitting civilian targets vs military ones! Phosphorus munitions on towns? What is this, WWI? LoL And the USA has many more lethal options left to help the Ukrainians take back every inch of land from the Russians. Cluster munitions, A-10's, Kiowa helicopters, GPS guided munitions, and so many other surprises that they hold on reserve!

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