• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

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13 thoughts on “BRUTAL!! Ukraine artillery hits dozens elite Russian tanks on rural outskirts Bakhmut”
  1. LOL Of course they did not. Notice the absense of sources that are not just completely laughable. "Intellligence officers have confirmed" and Ukrainian intelligence is of course completely reliable. I can´t watch more than 90 sec of this, because it is so naive that If I watch more I lose faith in humanity. Watching this it is not not at all unrealistic that people can be convinced that earth is flat. They believe the dumbest shit anyway.

  2. If Ukraine has been capturing Russian armor, pulverizing their existing equipment, and neutralizing personnel where does Russia suddenly come up with this elite tank force that is appearing in Belarus? You'd think they would have thrown them into the fray by now.

  3. And what about the truth. And European mercenaries. A sea of European corpses that they don't tell you about. You can't even find this information, due to another language. Europe is fighting as usual, the USA is making money)))

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