• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Ukrainian FPV drones destroy 23000 Russian troops in trench line Bakhmut during war. Ukraine’s Land Forces reported Putin has …


10 thoughts on “Terrifying!!! Ukrainian FPV drones destroy 23,000 Russian troops in trench line Bakhmut during war”
  1. I guess they count differently in war, strictly for media purposes. I wish I knew the truth about…anything today…everything is a coverup, truth today is less than 1%, if your lucky.

  2. Why reposting the same old videos over and over… does nothing for anyone … maybe a few views and possibly a few dollars for those who post them

  3. ai robot warfare in inevitable its literally turning into terminator
    if I was government id be investing In some t800 or something scary af
    like an oni robot with a drill for one hand and a machine gun in the other lol

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