• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

"WRONG SIDE OF HEAVEN" | Tribue to The Brave Defenders of Ukraine (WAR IN UKRAINE 2022)

This video was really hard for me to edit, especially that I have some friends from Ukraine and I’m from Poland, just next to Ukraine …


20 thoughts on “"WRONG SIDE OF HEAVEN" | Tribue to The Brave Defenders of Ukraine (WAR IN UKRAINE 2022)”
  1. When I watch these kinds of videos, I wonder if those who are there in the video are still alive. It is so sad that one year later brave people are still dying.

    Sláva Ukrayíni , you guys are so strong.

    @WiciuSJ Beautiful music video!

  2. Ukrainiens nous sommes tous avec vous le monde est avec vous la France et à vos côtés nous sommes prêts à intervenir pour vous aider a chassé ces enfoirés de soldat de poutine en dehors de votre pays NOUS AVONS HÂTE QUE VOTRE PAYS SOIT PARTIE de l'o.t.a.n une bonne fois pour toute

  3. I can't believe i am watching this in May 2023. So many have died and many more will follow. But there is still no alternative. Freedom and democracy need to be defended and fought for. Ukrainians spirit is unbroken. Thanks for the video. Greetings from Australia

  4. The more I watch these, the more I wonder what am I doing here, in Bulgaria. I know nothing but combat, agression and loss of brothers from another blood.
    I feel like a POS just donating to the fight instead of being there, and I'm going to change that very soon. Life isn't worth living if you don't fight for what you know is right.

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