• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Ukrainian Drones bombing 350 Russian wagner troops in trench frontline Bakhmut. Aerorozvidka A 10-pound drone dropping …


29 thoughts on “Horrible Footage!!! Ukrainian Drones bombing 350 Russian wagner troops in trench frontline Bakhmut”
  1. Much of what YouTube posts is fake or doctored videos. Do not believe what they post. So you don't believe my accusations? Then tell me this…how can Russian soldiers survive when fired on at point blank range by a tank? How can a dirt trench remain in the same shape after being hit by numerous tank shells? Why are there no craters created when the shell explodes in soft soil? Look at the fine details people and stop believing this crap. Someone wants you to believe something that is not actually happening.

  2. I heard the comment about getting too close to the enemy as drone operator … I was a Sniper (2/502 Inf, 101st Airborne Vietnam)…. One just learn how to camouflage yourself very well and have good cover,….. Also it seems like some countries are testing their own new drones?

  3. Brilliant Progress and Strategy as always by the Ukrainian Soldiers and long may it Continue……..Putin (The Russian Warmongering Terrorist) is on a self-destruct mission with "His War" and he is taking Russia Down with him…Good must Win over Evil..God Bless Ukraine from the UK..xx

  4. u r in and u r b dead… let's put all players gamming into this real war for next 7 days all their bellies be gone slim fast otherwise all them be wipeout and you no what's amen!…

  5. Thermite – nasty stuff.
    It's what GEORGE W BUSH used to systematically burn through the Twin Towers structural beams to cause absolute collapse.
    Being that jet fuel (kerosene) is No Where HOT ENOUGH to cause ANY loss of structural integrity and eminent ang GUARANTEED Collapse, THERMITE WAS used That Melted Steel that ordinary jet fuel can't even melt and aluminum can –

  6. obviously that mother FKER vladimir putin is so desperate to end the war quick because the russian army is losing fast in Ukraine , he is willing to use any weapon for it .

  7. The only Americans with vested interests in Ukraine are the elite who launder their money and bury their crimes in that country. Majority of us see this for what it is. The old school propaganda doesn’t work as well these days because people can research events that lead up to wars and realize it’s all for money.

  8. It is surprising that the Ukrainians have not developed or set up "swarm drones" where one operator would control 5, 10 or 20 drones, which would all for "carpet bombing" the Russians.

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