• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Horrible footage Ukrainian drones destroy 500 group wagner Russian in trench frontline bakhmut #ukraine #ukrainewar …


18 thoughts on “Horrible footage!! Ukrainian drones destroy 500 group wagner Russian in trench frontline bakhmut”
  1. It is absolutely insane the front line video footage we get of war in 2023. With the use of technology/drones to the cameras that are so precise, it is just really amazing to watch. But at the same time, realizing we’re watching it almost as like a video game, but these are real people down there dying.

  2. If it was just the footage, it would've been fine…. But I ALWAYS give a thumbs down when there is a computer-read script (In this case, a news article read word-for-word)
    Evidence of this is @2:50 – Where's the facebook post? There are too many numerous examples throughout to list them all.

    This video with your own words would be 10x better……

  3. Russia is only considered an international threat due to its nukes. Given the use of nukes is impossible without catastrophic counter-productive retaliatory responses they serve the possessor no practical good.
    Remove nukes from the equation they are proving they have only been a regional threat for decades.
    Just announced days ago Russia is now drafting from their prisons.
    As the West ramps up Russia ramps down.
    "It's not what you take but what you hold"

  4. "I have a secret plan to end the current Ukrainian-Russian War in 24 hours but I am not going to call my friend P. Putin nor P. Zelensky (whom I tried to extort in 2019 by withholding $250M in military aid the US Congress had appropriated) until after Jan. 20, 2025, because it would not benefit me."- Republican front-runner for POTUS in 2024 Donald Trump.
    Of course those of us not surrendering our dignity to Trump know full well no feasible plan exists. Nor did it from his entire first administration.
    This war has been going on since 2014, according to P. Zelensky.

  5. This video is clearly manufactured for an America audience, but not by Americans. In the US, we use a comma to differentiate 10 values (eg 1,000 = a thousand). The narrator says that "194.970" Russian troops were killed. This is a non-US, probably European, way of differentiating 10 values. I could be wrong though. Maybe 194 and .97th hundreds of a Russian soldier was killed. The more the merrier.

  6. disgusting i cant believe how easily manipulated and played people are the west will exploit then neglect ukraine when they are done with them muchlike how russia probably had planned ukraine was better off setting and completing its own goals and agenda as a country

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