• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

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29 thoughts on “Ukraine turning into a ‘Forever War’”
  1. The US has absolutely lost wars, sometimes yes because it has lost interest but that's still losing. That's like saying Britain didn't lose the Revolutionary War to the US, they just lost interest in continuing to fight. The logic of the video argues that Ukraine can't win because it is fighting a more powerful nation and is very dependent on foreign support. This is again inaccurate as most wars of independence throughout history are fought under these conditions. This is Ukraine's war of independence, it's not just some random conflict. It's literally the fight of the Ukraine people's lives

  2. I'm sure that the military industry loves this war. This is like the field test they were all hoping for. Real data to work on and not simulation. That's like their wet dream…

  3. Lol no one talks about how Ukraine has been bombing its own two regions civilians for over 8 years. Or how they cut off fresh water to crimea. Attacking civilians who have done nothing to them. What a bunch of bull. Ukraines government should get lost

  4. Your calculus is in error. It has not been a bargain for the west to wage war against Russia. This war has been a bust for the west and Ukraine. NATO is running out of munitions. Ukraine is running out of people as hundreds of thousands are dead, and of its 34 million prewar population, fewer than 20 million remain in the country while 14 million have fled with no intention of returning. Russia's economy and oil exports are booming. Western economies, especially Germany, are in decline. Russia and China have grown closer economically and politically, and the United States is increasingly shunned by the rest of the world.

  5. 100 Billion for a bunch of old T-55 and to kill the people that russia sent when they emptied our their prisons. Profit indeed, bargain of the century! Because money grows on trees and our borders don't matter when "refugees" flood our nations because borders are a racist concept when it comes to the Europeans but borders matter when it comes to the Ukrainians, every inch matters in the Ukraine and we and our grandchildren should all pay for Ukraine! Great!

  6. Russians are not stupid , they know the west wants them to throw themsleves on the field to be an easy target by todays satellite guided systems ,, actually they pulled off a clever scheme when they ammased troops in thousands on the north as a decoy while the real intention was the east..then they retreated to a safe distance which they know they can control,, as for the western media chanting Russian failure , if they were really sure of themsleves they wouldn't hesitate to send in their troops or delay Ukraine's membership to NATO ,, and don't let them fool you by entry criteria and doctrines , when they want they've thrown every law out the window, Ukraine is clearly being used to bleed Russia and if it doesn't go the wests way they'll dump Ukraine with the blink of an eye.. this wont end well for Ukraine… This is true even if they win , they'll be settling debts for the next century

  7. While this computer system Russia is investing is might sound impressive, it misses one main factor: Espri De Corps: the feeling of pride, loyalty, for a common goal. When and if they assemble a fighting force of political dissidents and criminals, or the poor, how hard do you think these people will fight for a country that 1) impressed them into service 2) does not care about them, and 3) who motivates them by putting a gun to their head? We have seen this before in Iraq when America went through the first time, and in other wars. How imposing can this fighting force be when it is an amalgam fused by fear and intimidation?

  8. If we are paying for it, we will end it when we see fit like usual. Shit situation all around but I definitely think Europe should be doing more than the US IMO but our industrial complex needs a holiday bonus I guess. Fucked

  9. Military Assets are the OG of Planned Obsolescence, all this will be replaced with newer more sophisticated Assets, for as long as neither ESlav* party has a realistic endgame scenario for the conflict on their minds.

    *East Slavs (chiefly Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians)

  10. Just so everyone knows. We will continue to send air defense missiles and systems. This includes the new anti drone em guns. We do NOT care what it costs to to down the Russian missiles and drones. The Russians are targeting civilian infrastructure and electrical grid infrastructure. Every Russian weapon system destroyed is a win. It doesn’t matter the cost. We save Ukrainian lives. Ukraine must win this. Putin must lose this. Also the WSJ sucks. We are in this with the Ukrainian’s no matter what!

  11. "Why the USA does not have universal healthcare" this myth needs to stop being propagated. 3.5% of GDP being allocated to defense spending is not in anyway related to the US healthcare structure. We have more than enough money to spend on universal health care if we chose to, we already spend more per capita on healthcare than anyone. Political lobbying and a general dislike of entitlement programs is why, not defense spending.

  12. Misleading statement – even though the US has no universal healthcare it still spends more on healthcare, per capita, than any other country.

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