• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Russian deploys more advanced T-90M tanks to destroy western tanks in Bakhmut. According to a video published by the …


22 thoughts on “Ukraine panic (May 09) Russian deploys more advanced T-90M tanks to destroy western tanks in Bakhmut”
  1. That Armata didn't break down in 2014, the driver engaged unknowingly engaged the parking brake, you can see the recovery vehicle couldn't pull it … They figured it out and the tank drove away under its own power…. But it was spun as an embarrassing moment in western circles/ media… I'm not simping for Russia I just still prefer facts

  2. Vue la quantité de javelin qui a était livré, et qui va accompagner la contre attaque, les chars russe vont simplement terminer en tat de rouille tordu…
    C'est de vrai bataillon complet qui vont s'abattre sur l'envahisseur russe… dernière sommation, les mobilsé russe devrait ce rendre piur etre sauver par les Ukrainiens plutôt que mourir , pour poutine ..

  3. Американцы, европейцы и прочие. Воюют не танки, воюют люди. У кого больше правды, тот и сильнее. а в России правды больше. Потому итог всегда будет один. Только теперь не нужно останавливаться в Берлине – Лондон должен пасть

  4. I stopped the video when he said "simpler" design of t-90M, if it's so simple go make it in your garage. No, modern tanks are complex pieces of crap that require specialised machinery, composite armor and high end opto-electronics. It's simpler compared to western tanks only in regards of price, public tenders in usa especially raise the price because of huge proffit margins.

    Edit: Narrator measures barrel lenght in liters pls stop stop im dying! 😀

  5. T90m is garbage. Same pie shaped bomb underneath the crew, and that auto loader doesn't have side protection. Russian tanks are famous, for their turrets flying off.

  6. Евросоюз непонятно,что хочет?сказали чётко покинуть Украину и не угрожать русскому миру, все кто пытается атакавать земли исторические России, будут уничтожены.

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