• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukrainians digging trenches into frozen ground


May 23, 2023
20 thoughts on “Ukrainians digging trenches into frozen ground”
  1. We will kill each other until there’s no one left. All these elites and oligarchs are getting richer for the deaths of their future citizens. I don’t blame Russians for fleeing their country, their leaders are sociopaths. They are even conscripting hardened criminals to be sent into civilian populations.

  2. Running winter ops is a whole different breed of suck. At least our boys have proper gear. Couldn't even imagine just sitting in a cold wet trench without proper snivel gear as enemy artillery and drones plague you constantly, there's no food or water either, and if you retreat without orders you'll be shot. What a way to fight a war…

  3. I doubt Russia is “eagerly” waiting to go on the offensive. Have extremely low morale. They have been decimated by Ukraine. Ukraine is only about to get deadlier weapons from the great USA.

  4. People who never been in an infantry unit in the dead of winter for days on end wet cold and miserable during a war have no idea how tough this can be. The Ukrainians are beyond hard core. HUGE RESPECT

  5. In WW2 both the Germans and Soviets used artillery shells to "dig" trenches. Some Scandinavian countries have special demolition charges for this purpose as well.

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