• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

The US has denied Russian claims it masterminded an alleged drone attack on the Kremlin on Wednesday aimed at …


11 thoughts on “Wagner Chief Prigozhin blasts Russian leadership over lack of ammunition | Russia-Ukraine War | WION”
  1. i dont believe anything coming out of russia..this was more to cover up so many are dying they cant say there losing the enemy is much better so he blames an ammo shortage but 2 days before said he had lots of ammo so much he was gonna sell it on ebay…plus hed be jailed or worse for disrespecting the defense minister an putins top general..but the wagner unit who do 80% of fighting are sent with or without enough ammo an die in large numbers but everyone just cares about themselves theres no help if your legs blown off an no grave after they die..they are robbed an left to rot

  2. Too obvious to understand, Russia here is trying to blame US, to justify , missile strike and war in Ukraine, drsperatePutin failed to inflict US in gas pipeline blast incident, todayRussia is blaming again for this false flag drone incident,, are they trying to pinpoint somebody in the midst of the darknight,

  3. The UN's recent vote overwhelmingly calling for Russia to leave Ukraine shows that the world recognizes Russia's aggression and supports Ukraine's right to defend itself.

  4. Ho who tried to take down puttin no no no not usa was binlating ho cuba ho Chavez ho mexico maybe bolivia right since zelensky told the truth he is not nazi usa never support ukrain ho europe they where aliens and aliens blow up pipe line north stream right ho right aliens yea?

  5. Masterminded attack, lol. Does anyone believe that a mastermind is a true mastermind to come up with an attack like that? It was Russia, end of. Notice you haven’t seen the remains of the drone. Also the drone wasn’t shot down. Would Russia shoot at that drone from the roof of another building directly at the drone? Where would the remnants of the missile go, never mind the remnants of the drone? Did we see any remnants moving at speed? BS.

  6. I can't help thinking that if the US ever decides to attack the Kremlin, there will be no Kremlin. Since Russia targets civilians in the Ukrainian capital all the time, it seems very weak of Putin to cry about a tiny drone attack in which no was were harmed. The fact that Putin lives in such fear is sad, but it is a situation of his own making.

  7. Simply an attempt to assassinate Putin. Even though it was lame. It still none the less is what it was. Obvious Ukraine was involved. This changes everything. No matter what the US says.

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