• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Professor John J. Mearsheimer will discuss the current Russian invasion on Ukraine whilst exploring the potential causes and …


30 thoughts on “The causes and consequences of the Ukraine war A lecture by John J. Mearsheimer”
  1. Time tells more and more that prof. Mearsheimer errs. 50:00 "In all of Putin's public statements leading up to the war there is not a scintilla evidence that he was contemplating conquering Ukraine and making it part of Russia, much less attacking other countries in Eastern Europe." (See referendum in Kherson oblast.) Understand that prof. trusts collective Putin 50:22.

  2. A US military veteran said what Russia did in Kyiv is really smart.he went on to explain that, sending 40000 troops to the city is not to take the city of over 2 million, it’s impossible but it gave Ukraine that impression so they pulled almost all their resources to fortify the city then Russia retreated going after their main target eastern Ukraine. Splitting Ukraine army is the key to winning because it’s weakens Ukraine. If Ukraine moves out of Kyiv they get hit by Missiles so they travel in small groups in civilian cars to reinforce their positions in the east. Anyway in the end I hope some kind of deal is done.

  3. I am surprised at how under educated he is in military matters. Russia definitely intended to take all of Ukraine. They did the closest thing to a blitzkrieg that they could and attacked along every axis of every border of Ukraine. The only reason they only attacked with 200,000 people and didn’t get the whole country is that they literally don’t have the people to do it. They removed their conscription age and are now admitting unfit men into their military to make up for losses. They also felt the need to keep their borders and Moscow defended from possible NATO counter attack. Make no mistake they would have taken all of Ukraine if they could have and they’re slowly on their way to doing so.

  4. Mr. Mearsheimer has based his arguments on what Russia has been telling. However, it seems that he has not heard ebverything Russia has been telling. I'm quite bilingual as a former citizen of USSR and I have followed what has been discussed in Russia on state TV. Even there were quite a lot of lies, it was absolutely clear that the reasons listed by Mr. Mearsheimer were just excuses. The real reasons were and are – the wish of Mr. Putin to enter the history as Peter the Great of XXI century by adding and collecting territories. Nothing else.

  5. Thank you. Great work. There is alot people can look up before the war even back to 2014. There are even Black Sun Cult coverage by big media that seems to be ignored in 2022 for some odd reason.

  6. Jeffrey Checkel (Yellow Shorts guy) is so smug in his ignorance. He talks down to Mearsheimer as though the Professor was a moderately talented first year doctoral student. Bizarre.

  7. if Russia wins this war ( i expect that) who will pay the bill for ukraine? Who will give money to rebuild ukraine? If money will come from Russia, then the west is out anyway?! Putin will not agree to build up ukraine with western money?! Russia now must take ukraine at all, for being safe in future, that west will not invade any more or puting influence to Ukraine. Nato can´t get into this conflict, its for defending countries not invadeing countries! There is one argument, which wasn´t said, what about the chinese and the Bric States, i think if it comes to a worst point, they will help the russians! Then West is history!

  8. I seem to be watching a surreal movie in play as UK, US and Europe arm and act for a military solution against Russia, convincing themselves that Russia, with the help of China, is going to destroy Europe and the West. One miscalculation on either side will trigger off a nuclear catastrophe that will wipe humanity off the Earth. Even the peace loving Nordic nations have lost their sanity by taking side instead of moderating the situation.

  9. I listened to Mearsheimer's talks regarding the relationship between Russia and the west for a while. The guy talks with authority, but I think he is wrong in many respects. No record of Putin lying to world leaders? Give me a break. Regarding Ukraine, is there significant evidence to support that the US was really behind the orange revolution? Said it like its self-evident, and it really isn't. Sure if you cherry-pick enough, let some details slip, highlight others, you can make a case that makes it seem like the west is bullying Russia. However, if Russia acts so nice and is such a good place, they would not have to force Ukraine to fall in line with war, which Mr. Mearsheimer will not acknowledge in his talks. I actually do not recall him being seriously critical about how Russia is acting in any of his talks…

  10. So the people in Ukraine were pro russian, huh? No words about russian oligarchs & freedom of speech? What about russian settlements in Moldova, Kaliningrad, Krim? What about Syria? Shooting down planes, intoxicating journalists…all forgotten?

  11. I guess accordingly (if N Korea is little rocket man) then Putin must be Big rocket man. So, now we don't help allies because we're afraid of the rocket men. 40/50 countries are aligned against Russia in this war. Where do we put a stop to it.

  12. Weer een triest voorbeeld van de Amerikaanse olifant in de porseleinkast en de door en door weke Europese politici, die zich net als bij de Irakoorlog weer als volgzame hondjes gedragen en weigeren hun eigen rol te zien bij het ontstaan van de voedingsbodem van deze oorlog. Maar misschien is die volgzame houding wel de afkoop voor het al decennia verzaken van de NAVO-norm.

  13. IDK, I've been learning a lot more about the "Russian Soul" from the phone conversation the Orcs make with their friends and lovers between Ukraine and Russia and it's not aligned with anything much but poverty and ignorance. Now I think I know them better, and how shallow the any Russian beliefs are lane.

  14. I presume this clown thinks Russia created Transnistrian quasi state inside Moldova in 1992 to stop NATO expansion as well? As well as Abkhazia and South Ossetia quasi states inside Georgia, and Karabakh conflict inside Azerbaijan. Those happened well before Putin and are vivid examples of Russia’s imperialistic policies.

  15. Me parece una completa estupidez de algunos de los académicos criticando una cuestión puramente metodológica-académica de validación, cuando John está hablando al sentido común, y pareciera que lo ignoran, y el espacio de su reflexión quedará encerrada en una cuestión académica, que estúpidos.

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