• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Drone footage of Ukrainian artillery pounding Russian equipment. Support the channel: Support …


15 thoughts on “Incredible accuracy of Ukrainian artillery. Drone footage”
  1. I hope your drones can make a difference between ucrainian and Russian tanks and ucrainian and russian equipment and soldiers. recovered tanks are harder to identify because of being lonely and not changing colours quickly. of it is many. it is russians

  2. All the cockroaches on here saying that the Russian army is good are the same ones saying the russians would blitzkrieg Ukraine in 48 hrs. Losers.

  3. The Russians are not just mass murderers. Their soldiers are so cowardly as to hide among civilians in the country being massacred. It is so inhuman that Russian soldiers act. Russian soldiers violate the laws of war and therefore do not deserve to be protected by the laws of war. Therefore, Ukraine should not take any prisoners of war.

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