• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Trump 'Emboldened' Putin Before This War: Ukraine Ambassador Ousted By 45 On 'War Criminal' Putin

As fighting in Ukraine escalates, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss …


36 thoughts on “Trump 'Emboldened' Putin Before This War: Ukraine Ambassador Ousted By 45 On 'War Criminal' Putin”
  1. The look in the eyes during the Trump-Putin handshake says it all, not a word needs to be spoken. The look of pure treason, an understanding and agreement between two sociopaths, fulling supporting each other's ambitions for brutal dictatorship.

  2. Russiagate has been proven that hoax it was. War has luster? This conflict began long before Trump was President. It dates at least back to WWII. Most recent was the 2014 US backed coup overthrow of the democratically elected president of Ukraine. President Obama made then VP Biden defacto President of Ukraine. Much corruption followed which will be eventually revealed by Russia. Since the 2014 coup, the government of Ukraine, its military and the Azov Battalion have attacked the Russian Ukrainian citizens of Donbass. Now the same people that carried out the 2014 are back in the White House continuing from where they left.

    She speaks rhetoric that mirrors the US invasion into Iraq. Russia doesn't savagously bomb entire cities as does the US and NATO. It took the US weeks to reach Baghdad and take over parts. The US spent 7300 days in Afghanistan and…well know how that ended. It will be the Europeans and Americans that will suffer from the sanctions adding more inflation under already high inflation. Mainstream media is failing in reporting as it did during the talk up to the war in Iraq. Why would the President of Russia work on behalf of Americans. NATO is useless drain on the American taxpayer.

  3. The dems actually believe the war in Ukraine is because of Trump? Roflmao. Maybe if the current president wasn't a senile diaper wearing moron Putin wouldn't act the way he has.

  4. Trump did not have "negative feelings on NATO" – this woman and his channel is interpreting the facts and giving you their opinion. Trump simply wanted NATO to up their defense spending! Turns out he was right. Trump wanted NATO to pay their fair share in this world and start taking some responsibility for their military defense (In case Russia might attack for instance). This channel is giving you an opinion based on those facts. Getting more and more difficult to find real news, but Look it up for yourself and you will see

  5. If people would have left Trump alone and let him be president, he would have been able to form a strong alliance with Putin. This is not some horrible thing! Russia and the United States together could have controlled the amount of nuclear weapons testing and proliferation throughout the world, especially in China. China is completely unrestricted with their"helping nation status" And they are the ones we should be worried about. Together, Russia and the United States could have brought a lasting peace and more clean energy to the world.
    -anyone who believed the Russia collusion, steel dossier lies has blood on their hands, sad to say

  6. Trump was known to lie about, what was it, 5 – 6 times a day!?, as an average during his days in office…how about Putin? is anybody counting how many lies Putin does about the war in Ukraine? …talking about being emboldened and inspired by mr t I mean….it worked rather amazingly on a big part of the voters in the US….could be something for me to engage a litte bit more into, thinks Putin, I could increase that further thinks Putin…and there you are…and if the truth pops up in Russia here and there, close the media and put the truth tellers in jail…

  7. Its obama and biden that kept provoking russia and trying to get ukraine on their side.. for no reason whatsoever. Putin acts rationally: you cant have ukrainr id rather destroy it than have it fall to the west.

  8. He was counting on Trump to Help him get Ukraine. Zelensky Is a true leader, something Trump or Putin will never be. I hate you, Trump, you are a trader, a liar, and just a plain good-for-nothing stupid fool.

  9. Under Obama we sent blankets to Ukraine, under Trump they got lethal resources.. Ari why don't you ask either Current president about the Nazi elements in the Ukraine government.

  10. I think Russia is holding back on Ukraine and is ultimately just wanting for US to fully cross that line to start WAR in US and China may as well back them. I pray Biden is excepting help from people around him on how to go about his next step.

  11. This is complete bull! Trump armed Ukraine with Javelin anti tank missiles when Obama wouldn't! And Trump blocked the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline to Germany that BIDEN gave to Putin! IT WAS BIDEN WHO THREATENED UKRAINE WITH LOSING A BILLION $$ IF THEY DIDN'T FIRE A PROSECUTOR INVESTIGATING HIS CORRUPT SON HUNTER! WE ALL SAW HIM BRAG ABOUT IT IN A TV VIDEO!

  12. Ya thought you guys would push this garbage agenda instead of focusing on the administration now. I'm not mad MSNBC I'm just disappointed. Yep yep trumps fault got it.

  13. Dump is a real "NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET"!!! This man should have never been elected to do anything not even sell ice cream because he would lie about that. These "JIM JONES FOLLOWERS/KOOL-AID DRINKERS" know what he stands for and that is why they support him. People this is the great "USA" that was shamed, embarrass, by one man who can't comprehend on a 4th grade level. Most of you out there yes: Voted for him and know the "TRUTH" about him is exposed. Most of you are still hoping for this "FALSE LEADER/PHOPHET" to get back in office after all that has been exposed about his 4-year first class "TRAINWRECK" and he think he and Putin are on the same level, don't be fooled. Putin sat at the G-7 summit and said America can't be this weak they would allow something like this in office. People pay attention all the world leaders just laughed and said: IF AMERICA ELECTED SOMETHING LIKE THIS TO OFFICE WHAT OTHER MISTAKE ARE THEY GOING TO MAKE!!! 1/6/22 was the icing on the cake. People pay attention and see what this man and his family stand for, none of it is good.

  14. Anyone else find it interesting that Putin waited until the midterm election year to stage this invasion?? An invasion that has driven the price of gas even higher, thus causing more headaches for the president at home.

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