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What to expect in the Ukraine War in 2023 | DW News


May 25, 2023

Kyiv’s mayor Vitali Klitschko says another round of overnight airstrikes has caused heating and power outages in and around the …


46 thoughts on “What to expect in the Ukraine War in 2023 | DW News”
  1. Total insanity sums up the Biden administration and the Congress of the United States. If I were president I would not send a single sling shot to the Ukraine. They are not a democracy. We can I'll afford to be every little countries big brother. CHINA, CHINA is the real threat and we only weaken our military by sending weapons to the Ukraine.

  2. We have a problem in the world if this true! I know the United States are spending close to 1 trillion to reload our supplies and give the Ukraine weapons. We ramping up war production. We have 3 ammunition factors that are hiring over 800 new employees to help with demand.

  3. Thank God for free speech. Not understanding why Ukraine isn't just given the country up to Putin to save it's citizens. All the money and weapons sent to Ukraine by the powerful countries isn't helping. The money should be used to get the people out or stay and make their lives better. All the killing of innocent people isn't fair. Something isn't adding up. The democrats claimed that Donald Trump would start WW3 and we must remember Mr. Trump's administration had no wars. MHO.

  4. Delusional if they think they can defeat Russia. Zelensky brought this on his people breaking his word with putin forprofit because nato country's want war with Russia.The people should string up zelensky.We cannot spare patriots because we need tgem.Leave Russia and let them have Ukraine. Thefaster the less people's death.Russia never been conquered

  5. Well UK is planning to send 200 out of more than 300 challenger 2 tanks. Running out of weapon scenario probably wont happen, but running out of tanks probably happens in some countries.

  6. Actually it’s not an aid. It’s a Lend-lease act agreement. That’s why the US is committed to send military equipment to protect their assets in Ukraine. Yet the American tax payers are paying and funding Ukraine and the one who benefits after the war are the greed oligarchs and that includes Biden. Ukraine cannot pay their debt so partially Ukraine owned by the US.

  7. The west hasnt even gone through 10%. Russia is losing the last of their tanks this year. Not to mention the fact that their artillery consumption is way to quick. And they cannot make more of either of those. Not effective ones, at least.

  8. The war would be over already if other countries weren’t supplying money, various aid and weapons. Perhaps the war never would have been started in the first place.

  9. The more arms that are provided to Ukraine the longer the war will continue with more Ukrainians killed or injured as well as having to live in miserable conditions. The US and its allies get to test all their weapon systems with Ukrainian blood as well fighting Russia with Ukrainian lives. When will Ukraine wise up to this?

  10. This war could have been avoided easily if Zelensky's government had given up to its intention to join the N.A.T.O. and had arrested the integral nationalists who follow Stepan Bandera's ideas.

  11. Don't worry, DW will do everything they can to prolong this war and they don't care how many dead Ukrainians they have to stuff under the carpet in order to do so.

  12. I dont know why they call out germany for there supplies. If you watch the eco or millitary budget from the us and germany, germany supply more % from it than the us. And germany is no global super Power.

  13. No effing way…… There was not enough explosion and destruction……. There are others countries that produce them…. Let say Pakistan oh yes my Iron Brother and my pestering friend Kim Jung Un

  14. When the US and Western governments dispose of their inveterate thugs in Ukraine .They will start sending to Ukraine those who do not want to fight against Russia .But your rukavodstvo doesn't care about you, they need money and power even at this price.They will flood Europe with tears and blood reaching their goal.And you all believe that you need it. God will punish you all for such interference. You will all fall into poverty .And your countries will be mired in chaos. That's what you want.

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