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What will end the war in Ukraine?


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This video explores conditions that might lead to the war in Ukraine ending. What would be required for that to happen and what …


35 thoughts on “What will end the war in Ukraine?”
  1. To end the war is to give president Zelensky the support to target deep into Moscow Russia territories infrastructure, the loser Putin and his Bull crappy mate prigohzin can fight it out with each other goes for all Putin the losers oligarchs silogarchs and people of Russia Moscow. Glory be Ukraines.

  2. How is Ukraine running out of heavy equipment ? I thought they said they captured so many russian abandoned tanks and artillery and ammunition that Ukraine actually has/had 2/3 more of said equipment than it had at the start of the war. 😮 . I'm not saying the west should stop supporting and sending stuff though but still, i'm a bit puzzled.

  3. Ukraine is ending the war because Biden administration will no longer feed money to Zelensky due to Biden criminal financial corruption is being exposed and Biden criminal money to Ukraine and Biden kickbacks will soon be uncovered. NATO backing out to cya of the criminal activity of Biden administration and past VP activities are being uncovered.

  4. If the West/Nato hadn't been scared of escalating tensions and supplied everything they've sent thus far much much sooner in the early stages of the war, Ukraine would be in a much better situation and possibly threatening even more strategic positions. But that is hindsight and hopefully Ukraine can make many more gains and deal more morale damage to Russia.

  5. Omitted was the content of the leaked Pentagon documents which are significant enough to merit redoing/reissuing this entire video including with an outcome now unfavorable to Ukraine.

  6. attacks on civilian infrastructure have never been successful at lowering civilian morale to my knowledge. It usually galvanises them, makes them feel like theyre part of the fight, makes it personal and if as a soldier you realise you'd still not be safe at home, that reduces the morale loss from being deployed

  7. Russia became second KLDR, war will end only if Russian realize Putin is evil and they live in propaganda. Only Russians can stop Putin by themself and become country of 21 century, for now they stucked in 20 century.

  8. I think he is wrong inhis analysis as he forgets Russia has nuclear power and if desperate or the war becomes too costly it will just use them. Just like US did to japan. Russia's hand can not be forced.

  9. An interesting analysis, thank you. There are so many variables with uncertain values or outcomes that any prediction is no more than an educated guess. That said, will Ukrainian advantages in morale, leadership, western equipment quality and intelligence sharing outweigh Russia's strategic advantage in mass? We shall see. You are correct in assessing that Ukraine reaching the Sea of Azov would make Russian positions in Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and Crimea untenable.

  10. Where did you get the information from that the morale of R troops is low? I mean, you should be able to back up that claim with some form of evidence, right? Or is it just wishful thinking?

  11. Ukraine will try a Southern offensive this summer, and that will be decisive. The chances of success are much lower than last year's offensives. Russia will have a whole year to prepare, learn and adapt. And Russia's recent successes in the East will keep shortening that Southern front and diverting Ukrainian resources to Donbass. But it is possible. If Ukraine can mobilize enough manpower with sufficient Western equipment, they could break through the front somewhere. But it can also very easily turn into a suicide mission to send large columns through open terrain. One thing this war has taught us is that tanks, armored vehicles and helicopters from both sides are very vulnerable when they begin to move into enemy territory. It all comes down to which side is mobilizing, equipping, fortifying and training faster. That's hard to assess until the offensive actually starts and we see the performance.

  12. People like you advocate peace, but are always so biased. Why don’t you talk about the Belgorod shellings and how Ukraine is attacking Russia? Hypocrite.

  13. Learn history, gentlemen!

    Every hundred years, the world unites against Russia, what to get from it, and calms down for another 100 years.

    Charles 12 – Russia is a dwarf, I will put it on its knees (1707) – after the battle of Poltava, Sweden forever lost the status of a great power.

    Friedrich 2 – I will conquer backward Russia (mid-17th century) – in 1759 the Russians entered Berlin.

    Napoleon – Russia colossus on feet of clay. I will destroy it (1812) – in 1814, Russian troops took Paris.

    Hitler – I will conquer the Soviet Union by the end of the summer (1941) – In 1945, Hitler committed suicide when Soviet troops entered Berlin.

    Obama – Russia is just a regional power (2004)…

    Learn history, gentlemen! We will come and check how you have mastered the subject.

  14. I think Ukraine war will end if Russia can reach the river dnieper and hold it. Cutting the country in half, Putin can accept a treaty showing the russian people look what i got i got half of it they want peace so do i. He can't go back empty handed. If Ukraine wants to win they will have to push russia totally out of Crimea and the rest of the Ukraine and hold it. Russia people would eject putin from power. That's it.

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